KiddyCharts Printable Reward Charts: Bonus story book reviews

Books as a Behavior Chart RewardWe ALWAYS use stories as a reward with behavior charts in the KiddyCharts household.

Books as Rewards on Behavior Charts

Why?  Now that’s easy:

  • Reading doesn’t cost a thing
  • It encourages my kids to learn, and helps them to grasp the concepts around learning to read
  • Its great one on one time with them; particularly for Daddy who isn’t around with work as much as he might like
  • They absolutely LOVE it!

As we read so much, I thought it would be a lovely idea to introduce a bonus book review for when Chatterbox or Stuntboy manages to “win” a story on their charts. These reviews will be of the books they have chosen. Or in my daughter’s case occasionally the ones she picks to read in bed as she is getting that little bit older.

Bonus stories for getting stars on the chart

I am also a lapsed school librarian, so children’s books mean a lot to me. Reviewing on this blog therefore made a lot of sense to me.  I would like to be able to encourage people who use our products in the joy of reading. They can also join us in using them as a free and easy reward for their children’s behavior charts.

And yes, my children DO use our charts – shock horror.

Everytime they get a certain number of stars in our behavior charts, they can move on a space within another of our charts; one of our track-based behavior charts (available soon). Every so often, they hit a golden bonus square on their track.

Queue the bonus story reward.

It helps to keep their interest up, and improves their counting as they need to move their piece along the chart, and count stars each day to see if they hit that magic number.

My daughter has a chore chart as she is that little bit older, and my son a few behaviours to focus on, mainly not sucking his thumb!

As long as we don’t have to read The Gruffalo again next time I’ll be happy…..

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