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At KiddyCharts we understand how difficult it can be for parents to choose the right toy, family activity or dieting plan, so we’re providing you with essential reviews to ensure you don’t get it wrong. After all, we know that there’s nothing worse that unhappy kids! Our reviews cover a wide range of topics including: Kids toys reviews, Family activities reviews, Health reviews, Parenting tips & advice, App reviews We’re always keen to add more reviews so let us know if you have ideas on things we should review in the future.

OPtimus Primes isn't your traditional toy for that Superhero Stuff, but why not - we think he's pretty cool, don't you?
Kids toy reviews

Superhero stuff: The ultimate superhero gift list

I HAVE a little Superhero, and he loves all that Superhero stuff, from keyrings, to cards, and jigsaws, Nerf guns, figurines and everything else in between. If its got a Spiderman, or a Captain America symbol on it, then it rocks. I am pretty sure that he is not the only one that loves Superhero gifts […]

by Helen • October 21, 2016
Are you wondering about boying the Little Pet Shop range of toys? What is LPS Your World? We give you the lowdown on the toys honestly on the blog
Kids toy reviews

LPS Your World – The Littlest Pet Shop Review

The kids have been messing about with their new toys this weekend, which we were kindly sent for them to review. They are, I am guessing, aimed at the more link market, given their packaging, but we have never encouraged the kids to think that just coz it is presented in a specific way, that […]

by Helen • December 3, 2014
Are you in the UK and looking to get the kids active? Do they struggle with team sports? Well we may have found the answer for you - we tried our Virgin Active Crew; and my daughter loved it.!
Healthy lifestyle tips Kids toy reviews

Getting your kids moving with Virgin Active Crew

  We are keen on keeping our kids as active as we can… Not least because if we don’t, well I am not sure we can cope twitch the extra energy that they might have…this was after a day on the ski slopes, just imagine what he might be like without the exercise…. Given our […]

by Helen • November 28, 2014
Are you looking to get a little extra as a mum? Then Check out GetPaidTo to see what they can offer you, they have money to earn, and cashback on purchases - which if you were buying anyway...why wouldn't you?
Advertorial Kids toy reviews

GetPaidTo: Surprise yourself and earn from your armchair

  I was recently asked to review the GetPaidTo website as a way for earning a few extra pounds as a mum. My work at home journey has been fraught, and just ever so slightly bumpy and generally not how I actually imagined it would be at all. I am clearly the ideal person to take a look at a […]

by Helen • November 12, 2014
me time to make you feel 20 again
Kids toy reviews

Imagine Spa Cambridge: Discovering that all important “me time”

I am forty. I don’t like admitting to be forty, let alone acknowledging that in a month’s time I will actually be 41…somehow I forgot that turning 40 last year meant that I had actually joined the band of mothers that are “in their forties” I have learnt in the last five years that it is absolutely critical for […]

by Helen • June 6, 2014
How to make a jungle bedroom: the header
Kids toy reviews

Jungle Bedroom in a Box: Making a jungle cave in Stuntboy’s room

  I would like to get something out of the way before I start this post, it’s a confession…I am NOT a big DIY person, so when I was offered the Jungle Bedroom in a Box from Dulux to test out, it was with some trepidation that we agreed, as a family, to go ahead […]

by Helen • March 20, 2014
Wii U Review: Super Mario Mad
Kids toy reviews

Little star presents….Wii U review

Sometimes I feel like a jammy sod. These last two weeks were one of those times when I was lucky enough to be sent a Wii U, three games and a £15 eShop card so that I could take the new Nintendo piece of kit for a test drive and write a Wii U review. […]

by Helen • November 26, 2013
Moshi Monsters Blogger Event: Cakes
Kids toy reviews Moshi Monsters

Little Star Presents….Moshi Monsters Blogger Party in Pictures

This week, the kids were lucky enough to be invited to attend a Moshi Monsters Blogger event in London, at the Mindcamp HQ thanks to KiddyCharts being official Moshi Monsters Ambassadors. We were there to see the latest in Moshi toys for Christmas, and we will be writing this up later in the week, so […]

by Helen • November 19, 2013
Trutprin Photo Gifts: Variety
Kids toy reviews

Truprint personalised photo gifts review – get 60% off orders too!

This is a sponsored post with Truprint as per our disclosure policy. You may have noticed that we have been on holiday to Interlaken recently and the kids, and, in fact, the whole family, took some rather lovely pictures. We were delighted to be asked to review the Truprint personalised photo gifts website so that we were […]

by Helen • October 15, 2013
Kids toy reviews

Little star presents….Chatterbox’s 8th birthday at English Heritage’s Wrest Park

Sometimes it sucks being a blogger – this is not one of those times… I was lucky enough to be paid to review Audley End a few months ago, and at the weekend, we had the pleasure of visiting another English Heritage property for the same purpose: Wrest Park. To be honest, we visit these wonderful […]

by Helen • October 9, 2013