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Wayfair review: Football themed decorations for a football mad boy

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We have been very lucky recently with the help we have received in revamping Stuntboy’s bedroom; and thanks to Wayfair, we have managed to get some wonderful accessories to add some simple, but effective finishing touches to his room.

Wayfair have some great football decoration and football accessories to really help finish off a boys bedroom. If you are stuck for boys bedroom ideas, why not check them out?

That’s Harry Kane that football sticker apparently – can you tell? ;-)

He is determined to make sure that Harry Kane surrounds him in every waking moment. Tottenham blood courses through his veins, and he is desperate to be as good at scoring goals as his idol. I think his talents lie more in defence, but he’s eight, so plenty of time to decide where he prefers to play.

I’m just gutted that Liverpool red doesn’t adorn his walls. Sadly, his father’s influence was just too much for one small boy to bare, and he went over to the dark side….

Wayfair’s range of Football accessories is excellent, and there was so much to choose from, Stuntboy struggled to pick items that fit into his idea of the perfect Football getaway. However, thanks to the inspiration boards feature to their website, we were able to choose the items that worked the best for him, and order them as we worked up a picture of what the room would look like. It was really easy to save something we liked, and then go exploring more footy goodies!

We are revamping my tween boys room; he wants a football bedroom theme - these are the ideas we have for him from Wayfair.

In the end we decided to pick some football wall decorations, and a few accessories for the carpet. I threw in a bean bag as well, in a vain attempt to get the boy to read a little more. I figured if he was going to read anyway – a football bean bag might just cut it. He’d rather be playing it, but sitting on one is half way there, right?

These were the products we choose from Wayfair for our Wayfair review; they have a great selection of football decorations for any football mad little boy or girl!

Pictured are, from top left to bottom right:

All the items arrived in good time, and we were really impressed by the quality of them all. In particular, the football bean bag is a steal at under £25, and as comfortable as you can imagine it would be. Stuntboy was straight in, relaxing on it as soon as we got it out the bag…every kid needs monster feet, a Sweep, and an iPhone right? (Rating: 9/10)

Relaxing on our Wayfair football bean bag - sweep's upside down, but we think he likes it that way....and watch out for the Monster feet too!

The football wall stickers did seem to be a little expensive for what they were, but it would appear that this is the going rate for wall art. Given their quality, we didn’t begrudge it too much in the end. I was particularly grateful for the excellent instructions on how to apply them to the wall. I am not the world’s most accomplished DIY expert, and they were a doddle ;-) (Rating: 7/10)

We ended up adding a football bed from Wayfair as well, and we expect to complete the room with a few more additional pieces of furniture; but more on this in a later post about creating a perfect football bedroom.

The football wall clock is lovely and quiet, which we were concerned about; Stuntboy is a bit of a funny sleeper. He doesn’t sleep well if he can “hear” things, or unless its totally dark. Thankfully, it is quiet enough to be easily ignored. (Rating: 8/10)

Our Wayfair review football wall clock - looking good against the Tottenham wall paint!

Finally, the rug, at 80cm diameter, is perfect just to add a little extra football feeling to the floor without going totally mad and relying the carpet as pretend green turf. We simple couldn’t afford to do this. The rug is durable, but light, which makes it ideal for a kids bedroom where it is going to get a lot of bashing about. If your kids are like mine, they will also want to move it, depending on their current whim. We do need to keep the cat away from it, but we need to keep the cat away from pretty much everything, as he loves creating havoc with his claws! (Rating: 8/10)

I think you will agree that football corner is looking pretty good:

Wayfair helped us get some great football home decorations for Stuntboy - now we need to tackle the rest of the room!

Annoyingly, you can definitely tell Spurs is his favourite team…

Spurs is very important to my wee boy; can you tell with this view of his Football corner in his Football bedroom. Some great accessories from Wayfair to finish it all off...

Now all we need to do is tackle the furniture…now where to get a Spurs blue, and white chest of drawers, and a desk?

We were provided with the four items for the purpose of this review, but all opinions are our own. We bought the bed ourselves because, well, he loved it!



Sunday 17th of July 2016

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