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Superhero stuff: The ultimate superhero gift list

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I HAVE a little Superhero, and he loves all that Superhero stuff, from keyrings, to cards, and jigsaws, Nerf guns, figurines and everything else in between. If its got a Spiderman, or a Captain America symbol on it, then it rocks.

I am pretty sure that he is not the only one that loves Superhero gifts anytime of year, so we have put together some of THE best list of Superhero stuff we could find to help make Christmas, or any gifting season, a little easier for those Superhero fans out there. So whether you are a Bat fanatic, or a Spiderman officiando, there should be something for everyone. From little bottoms, to big guns; we’ve got you covered.

Everything piece of Superhero Stuff your kids could ever want for Christmas, featuring DC Comics Killer Croc, Justice League from Scheich, Ravensburger 4-in-1 jigsaw, Optimus Prime from Hasbro, Little Hero toddler tights, Pundland decorations, Heatholder Sock Shop boys socks, LEGO Wonder Women keylight and Market Pencil topper Ooshies.

Figures – Schleich

A Superhero gift list would not be complete without figures, and we couldn’t ignore these gorgeous Justice League sets from Schleich. Schleich figures are wonderful quality, and can add that little something special to your child’s imaginative play. They are robust as well, so can take the abuse that a Superhero usually gets too. The latest Justice League sets include the Superman and Darkseid (RRP £14.99) scenery pack to bring things bang up to date. So as not to leave Batman out, there is a wonderful set of Batman vs Bane (RRP £14.99) in the same range; enough to keep any Superhero mad child in heaven.

Thesse Justics League packs, and figures from Schleich are only £14.99 each, and make a great addition to your Superhero stuff - loving the Bane in particular.

If you are looking for something a little less expensive, check out the Ooshies superhero pencil toppers – a great little gift or as stocking fillers. They have both Marvel and DC Comics Ooshies to choose from.

We give you Ooshies - to add to your Superhero Stuff - just a simple wee gift, or stocking filler - just fantastic, pencil toppers and perfect for your kids!

Figures – Hasbro – Optimus Prime – RRP £49.99

If you are looking for a different kind of Superhero, then why not take a look at the Optimus Prime toy from Hasbro? You can make sure that you hit those Decepticons with a pretty nifty attack with the new Power Surge Optimus Prime. This is an 11-inch tall figure and it comes with a Mini-Con Weaponiser, Aerobolt figure and 4 battle modes. We took a bit of time working out how to change the figure when it was out of the box, but once you have it – away you go!

OPtimus Primes isn't your traditional toy for that Superhero Stuff, but why not - we think he's pretty cool, don't you?

Nerf blaster Superhero range – Hasbro

Nerf blasters. They are something that always goes down a treat when you are looking at the Superhero genre. Nerf have come up with some great Superhero tie ins for everyone. We have picked a couple of these for our list as they allow some good old fashion shoot ’em up play within a comic book context. As its firmly routed in make believe, these particular blasters somehow feel a little less “in your face.”

The Civil War Side Blast Armour (RRP £24.99) is an Iron Man arm, with a few nerf bullets that allow your child to wear the arm, and then shoot, just like Iron Man does. I have a feeling that there will be many a father wrestling these from their children after presents have been passed around…

An even cooler than normal Nerf gun to add to your Superhero Stuff - give your arm the Iron Man makeover!

The idea is your little ones can pop the arm on with the strap – and then use the handy button to shoot one of the two nerf bullets. There is also a button to press to retract the armour as well. Its a great toy for fun and games in the house, and the garden when other kids come around to play.

Another Nerf toy that complements this nicely, is the  Civil War Blaster Reveal Shield (RRP £26.99). This is Captain America’s shield which plays such a prominent role in the latest Avengers’ movie; Civil War. Again, it comes with two bullets, which can be fired while your child holds on to the shield.

Kit yourself out with an awesome Captain America shield - its a Nerf gun too - what more could you ask for?

Both these toys are great for make-believe superhero play, and should keep the little ones quiet after present opening time! They do need a little help with assembling them, but once that’s done, clear a space and away you go! To pay particularly attention to the shield’s construction. Make extra sure you have the handle on properly; best to get the adults to do this methinks.

LEGO sets – DC Comics and Marvel

Superhero tie ins are everywhere, and LEGO would be remiss if they weren’t offering something supercool for the kids to play with. They don’t disappoint either, with some of the fabulous DC Comics and Marvel toys that are available at the moment. We have picked out two of the latest for you, which get ME excited, not just my kids:

DC Comics Superheros – Batman Killer Croc Smash – RRP £69.99

Some of the characters out of the DC Comics come to life thanks to LEGO, with Red Hood™ and Katana™ tasked to stop the terrible Killer Croc™ and Captain Boomerang™ from rampaging through Gotham. This set is packed with great vehicles to get those kids playing with each other, there is so much included for your £69.99, even:

  • Batman’s Bat-Tank,
  • Killer Croc’s Battle Chomper,
  • Red Hood’s motorbike,
  • Batman™,
  • Red Hood™,
  • Captain Boomerang™,
  • Katana™ minifigure, and finally,
  • Killer Croc™ big figure.

If this doesn’t keep them happy – nothing will!

Killer croc fighting Batman - what's not to love about that right? And in LEGO too!

Marvel Super Heroes – LEGO Super Heroes Doc Ock’s Tentacle Trap – RRP £44.99

I have to admit to having a bit of a soft spot for Dr Octopus. Not sure why, but after you have played with this fantastic Superhero set, you may join me. This has a hec of a lot of play value, and the construction, though challenging, is well worth the time it takes to put together. Transforming your little LEGO ,an into this monster is nothing short of genius.

The premise of the set is to save White Tiger from the Octo-Bot’s slippery tentacles. Use Captain Stacey’s speedboat and a little help from Spider-man and his surfboard to complete your resuce. But don’t get put of by Vulture flying above you!

Again, there is a great selection in this set including:

  • Doc Ock’s Octo-Bot,
  • Police speedboat,
  • Spider-Man,
  • Doc Ock,
  • Vulture,
  • White Tiger and,
  • Captain Stacy Minifigure.

My favourite villain - Doctor Octopus and he's made of LEGO. Love him - add the set to your Superhero stuff now!

LEGO Keylights – RRP £6.99 (Recommended for 6+)

If your child is a big LEGO fan, but you are looking for something a little smaller, and perhaps stocking friendly; then these LEGO Superhero keylights are your answer.

if you are into LEGO, then these Superhero keylights are perfect for a school bag - work brilliantly for first days at school as well. A Superhero to watch over you for your first few days there perhaps?

There are a few in the range, and the mini figures are also pose-able. They work well on the old school bag too. What kid doesn’t want a Batman or Wonder Woman keylight to take to school with them.

They are actually great toys to give on the first day of school; someone to watch over your little ones as they make their way in the world.

Even better, you can explain to your kids they don’t need to be afraid because they’ve got Batman with them. If he’s cool, they’re cool ;-).

Ravensburger jigsaw puzzles

You cannot beat a good jigsaw as a gift, and the beauty of the Ravensburger range, is there is always something that suits the age of your child. The puzzles themselves have engaging designs, and so much action, as you would expect from a range inspiring little superheroes.

Ravensburger have Avengers and Spider-Man products that caught our eye in particular; the four-in-one puzzles are great for the 3+, but if you need something a little more challenging, then the 100 piece puzzles are aimed at 6+ and provide more for the kids to get stuck in to.

The Avengers four-in-one (RRP £5.99) comes with Hulk, Thor, Iron Man and Captain America with 12, 16, 20 and 24 pieces, so just enough to get them started, but not too frustrating for them. The Spiderman four-in-one (RRP £5.99) has a few different scenes with some of your favourite characters; and a bit of comic strip WOOSH thrown in for good measure :-D

Superhero jigsaws are a great gift idea for little fans - and these four in one jigsaw sets help teach the art of jigsaws slowly to YOUR little superheroes

For the larger puzzles, we liked the Avengers XXL Jigsaw (RRP £7.99); lots of action going on to capture the kids imagination, and some of the most popular characters all in one picture. The Ultimate Spider-Man vs Sinister 6 XXL jigsaw (RRP £7.99) is fantastic too if you like your villains. You’ve got six of them here. And in all honesty, who doesn’t love a good Superhero villain?

If you have older Superhero fans, then these are aimed at 6+ and have 100 pieces, so they are great for getting stuck into. An ideal for for slightly older Superhero fans.

Superman personalised adventure book – £14.99

Kids all love being a Superhero, and this great book from I Just Love it allows children to hang out with the main man. You can personalise the story, and Stuntboy loved that he was in the thick of it with Spidey. You add your name, birthday, address, and three friends names too so that these can be added to YOUR personal story. It’s a hit with us, and I am sure it will be with you too.

Look who I found looking at his personalised Spiderman book?

Bat Spuddy – Qwerkity – RRP £19.99

The Bat Spuddy, from Qwerkity, is an unusual gift for the discerning Batman fan. My nine-year old son just loves it, though they are designed for the young at heart, including me if I am honest. Spuddys are there to help you on your couch, with somewhere to hold the remote, snacks, and even a drink. They are also rather good for cuddling when you are a bit smaller….

The Batman Spuddy is one of our favourites from our Superhero Stuff - as you can see from this smile :-D

Yes, its a couch potato – but WE think it makes a perfect soft toy for slightly older kids. Functional, yet cute, all at the same time. I am certain that these would go down well with pretty much anyone as a gift. Who can resist a spuddy?

Superhero Toy Sack – Not of the High Street/V&C Designs – £14

If you do have a few gifts for your Superheros – you’ll NEED something to put them in. This Superhero toy sack is perfect for those budding Batman’s out there. Its a good size, and robust, so there is no chance it’ll get damaged as you wrestle putting the toys in there. You could use it as a Christmas stocking, or as general storage for your Superhero room.

It would actually work rather well as a kids laundry basket too; but best not tell them that when you give it to them ;-).

Where do you put all your toy Superhero stuff - in a toy sack of course!

Superhero socks for your feet – various – Sockshop

Everyone loves a sock as a gift don’t they? And there really isn’t anywhere else to go for a great choice but The Sockshop for all your sock-y needs. We love the range of socks available on the site, as there is bound to be something that both parents and kids will like:

  • We fell in love with these Superman cape socks, what an ingenious idea they are, and so much fun for little feet as well. They have some Batman cape socks too just to make sure they aren’t being cape-ist (RRP. £4.99)
  • If you have a Marvel fan who wants their feet covered, then this four pack of Marvel socks (RRP £6.99) will be perfect for them. They include Hulk, Wolverine, Iron Man, and Spiderman
  • Finally, they have heat holders for the winter; some great Spiderman ones for boys (RRP £8.99), and even a Hulk pair (RRP £10.99) for the men in your life! The boys socks make a perfect slipper, or for a little extra warmth, they can wear them in bed at night.

Superhero socks for your little superheroes feet.

But what about baby feet? – Little hero baby and toddler tights – Not on the High Street/Braveling – £16.75

All that sock activity made us think that we need something for little feet too, so we found these wonderful Little Hero baby and toddler tights from Not on the High Street.

Yes, They really are just too cute.

Perfect for your tiny superhero - these Little Hero tights work a treat!

The tights are available in baby and toddler sizes: 0 – 1 Year, 1 – 2 Year & 2 – 3 Year; perfect for little bottoms and legs in winter and even beyond!

BUT how to decorate…..?

Marvel Christmas decorations and stock fillers – Poundland – £1 (surprisingly ;-))

If you have a truly mad Superhero fan in your house, then why not go to town and get some Superhero decorations to go with all those gifts? We managed to track down some wonderful ones from Poundland – and pretty much everything is a £1 of course!

  • If you stretch your Superhero theme a little, there are some great Star Wars baubles,
  • Add a bit of sparkle with some Superhero tinsel, with all your fav symbols bringing a bit of glitter to your rooms. My son loves this tinsel, and has ear-marked it for his room this Christmas
  • Baubles for the tree – yes there are MARVEL baubles, and what’s not to like about that?
  • Stockings or santa hats with your favourite Marvel superhero on them – something a little special for Santa to pop his presents in perhaps?
  • Finally, they have a few stocking fillers as well, from tattoos, to stickers, there are some little bits and bobs perfect for the Mini Marvel fan.

Pundland has some bargains for Marvel superhero decorations - there is bound to be something for your little heroes here. More Superhero stuff to have even MORE fun with!

What if all this means they want to BE a superhero – Superhero Comic Kit – Qwerkity – RRP £12.95

If after all this Superhero-ing, you find your kids just want to BE a Superhero, rather than having to buy that Batman costume that you have been trying to avoid, why not do something a little different, and get them a Superhero Comic Kit courtesy of Qwerkity. This is another original gift from this retailer, which we just adore. The boy has been looking intently at it…

Create your own Superhero comic books - just perfect for my Stuntboy...he can star in his own book!

Perhaps we will finally create a “real” Stuntboy on its pages? The idea of this is to let your kids create their OWN superhero, and write a comic about it. There are 8 comic strip storylines that have been created already for you to work on within the activity book, and then space to create two of your own. We love villains, so this book provides instructions for how to draw them…and there are even 100 stickers to add a little extra “POW” to your comic book pictures. What’s not to like?

And finally, something for you too…

Comic book coaster set – £6.99 – I Just Love it

A little bit too old for the kids, but perfect for the teens, and for you; these comic book coasters in a beer-mat stylee would make an ideal quirky gift for someone. We just love them – so much fun, and they bring back some wonderful nostalgia of those excellent 1960s Superhero shows as well. *If you can remember back that far*

These coasters are brilliant retro gifts for any Superhero fan - 1960s Batman anyone?

Phew – we think that’s the BEST collection of Superhero stuff for your kids. Ever. We hope you agree, and if there are any other products you like, do contact us and let us know, won’t you?

The ULTIMATE in Superhero stuff for the kids - with a comic book touch! Everything from Ravensburger Jigsaws, to LEGO, Toy Sacks, Socks, Decorations from Poundland and even a Batman Spuddy.

Photo credit: All photos with Stuntboy are copyrighted KiddyCharts, all others are the property of the associate toy brand/retailer.

Note: This post contains affiliate links.


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Superhero means our protector or savior of the planet. Children do always like to play with Superhero Toys. Thanks for sharing this motivative and fabulous post, Please keep writing.

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