Readly app review: the best app ever released.

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THAT is a bold statement that is, don’t you think? However I think that I really should state my love for Readly right at the beginning of this Readly review. We have a one month free trial for you on the site too. So I am putting my faith in the app for everyone.

We have a fantastic readly review for you, and a month's free trial to the app. This really is the best app ever and we tell you why. We pay for the app too, so it isn't just all guff and nonsense either!

I am being totally transparent to you, my lovely readers. There is, basically, no better app on my phone. And that includes Twitter, Facebook, and even my email.

Readly will get you reading magazines again

Why is that I hear you ask. Well its because the Readly app has got me back into reading magazines. I stopped reading them when I had kids. Don’t we all find it hard to find the time to read generally after our world is turned upside down by those small people? I have had many conversations with other mums about reading just being the bottom of a very long list.

Alongside going to the doctor because you aren’t feeling well, and having your hair done.

Readly will open to door to new hobbies and re-ignite interest in old ones

Hobbies, what are they, right?

Wrong. With Readly not only can you get back into magazines, but you have so many to choose from for so little money (£7.99 a month) that you will start to explore long forgotten hobbies, and foster a passion for new ones. From photography, to cookery, craft, wildlife and everything else in between, there really is a magazine for you in their portfolio.

They have 33,863 issues in the UK, from 1,617 titles. If you can’t find something there that floats your boat, you need to get out more.

This Readly review is really from the heart - I just LOVE all the magazines that there are, and you will too. Check it out - for the price of two coffees a month, you get 1,500 magazines.

Readly gets reluctant readers to read again

My son is the happiest when he has a football at his feet, mud on his shirt, and grass stains on his knees. He tells me he “doesn’t like reading.” He does really, but just prefers to be active rather than sitting still with a book on his lap.

He does, however, love his iPhone, and Readly has enable us to “sneak” reading in through a back door. He’ll read the Beano, and those hilarious Horrible Histories magazines on my tablet or his device. He is even partial to a spot football news through one of the many Sports magazines on Readly. Try and get him to pick up Harry Potter and I could well be accused of being boring.

Denice the Menace is NEVER boring, particularly if he is being consumed in an iDenice kind of a way ;-)

Readly can be shared so your magazines go wherever you do

I haven’t talked so much about the functionality of the app in this Readly review. That is because it is one of the most intuative apps I have seen. It is easy to grasp the concept, and even easier to execute. Search, save and swipe. That is pretty much it.

The main functionality of the app worth mentioning is that once you register on the Readly site, you are able to use that account, with different profiles, on five different devices. We have them set up for family members, and they can save their own favourites within their profile.

You can take your magazine rack with you; a plane, a train, to the office, or even, perish the thought, into the loo. Be careful you don’t cause an international incident by dropping your device down the toilet though…

Overall – 11/10

I am not being flippant when I say that this is THE best app on my phone. I love it. I haven’t looked back since I downloaded it, and neither have the kids. 11/10 isn’t possible, and my husband would kill me for saying this app gives 110%, so I won’t. I will say that I can’t recommend it enough though.

So whatever you do, register on the site and download it now. There is a free one month trial available so you can give it a good test drive. You won’t regret it I promise you.

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