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Close your eyes and imagine with Lonely Planet travel books for kids

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I love getting my kids to use their imaginations. I use mine all the time; sometimes a little too much *stares out of window in study*

We have been lucky enough over the last few weeks to take a look at Lonely Planets travel books for kids, and this has really help mine and my kids imaginations to take flight. From pretending to be an international spy, to sitting down and creating your own country, this series of travel books is bound to give you something a little bit special. But most importantly, it might just make your kids imaginations take flight too…

Lonely Planet books review: Books on travel but for kids

We have been able to take a look at FOUR books from the Lonely Planet range, all of which would make amazing presents for your kids, I promise you:

  • You Rule: Create your own country £9.99
  • How to be an International Spy: Your top secret guide to espionage £12.99
  • Adventures around the globe £9.99
  • The Travel Book: A journey through every country in the world £14.99

Do you want to encourage your kids imagination, and get them to learn about the world around them? Try these travel books for kids from Lonely Planet

The first book that we took a look at is the You Rule (£9.99). This is a travel book with a bit of a difference really…

You Rule from Lonely Planet travel books for kids gives them the chance to create their own country; complete with flags and everything.

The idea is that you can create your own country, and in doing so the book teaches you everything about how a country works, or doesn’t in some cases! Little minds are asked to do anythinkg from create their own flags, to manage their national security ;-) This is a really simple idea, but rather lovely for getting those little grey cells working. The book is aimed at 8+, and it would be important for the kids using to be a little bit older, as some of the ideas stretch the intelligence a good dealThat isn’t bad of course, its great.

What would you call YOUR own country I wonder?

Chatterbox was rather taken with the How to be an International spy; particularly because it involved lots of science-y type things, which always captures her imagination. The details for some of the sections, and the introduction of “spy terminology” has been a lot of fun for the kids. Learning how to “shadow” your mother, can lead to chaos in the house, don’t you know?!? ;-)

Spying with How to be an International Spy from Loneky Planet travel books for kids means that we have to hide behind the book, obviously.

Clearly if you are a spy you “have” to hide while mum tries to take a photo..

Stuntboy’s favourite book was the Adventures Around the Globe Lonely Planet book. He is a much more active child of course, so likes to be doing as well as looking. The bright colours and activities are instantly appealing to him, and we have had lots of fun adding the stickers, and colouring in the relevant sections within the book. There are 250 re-useable stickers in the book, so it would actually make a rather perfect companion to you on a train or plane journey. Travel books for kids that entertain on trips are worth their weight in gold. Your kids could explore the world, while travelling away with you :-D

Adventures around the Globe from Lonely Planter travel books for kids offers lots of opportunities for learning and activities. It is an atlas with a difference.

Finally, we took a journey around the world with the The Lonely Planet Kids Travel Book. This is a jampacked travel book for kids, with facts on countries around the globe; from Ireland, to Iceland, and everywhere else in between! The kids didn’t find this as appealing as the other three books, perhaps because its tone was a little drier. However, it is designed as a travel encyclopaedia and it does this very effectively. Every double page has key facts about the countries, including standard stats about them and even a few curveball bits of information. The pages are presented well too.

The Travel book from Lonely Planet travel books for kids gives lots of great and interesting facts from around the world. A double  page per country.

If your kids like this type of fact book, they will definitely love it. For the older reader again though, at least 10+ as otherwise there isn’t sufficient to capture their attention.

We loved these books, and it is so refreshing seeing a range of travel books for kids too; it isn’t all about us adults after all. In fact, most family holidays I go on these days, are a lot more about the kids then us….

We would recommend all these books for different reasons for different kinds of kids:

  • You Rule, for getting those imaginations running wild in your thoughtful, and creative children (eight out of ten),
  • How to be an International spy, for all those adventurous kids who just want to be James Bond BUT also like to know how things really, really work too, just like my Chatterbox. It isn’t just all about the bombs and the guns you know (nine out of ten),
  • Adventures around the globe, for those little terrors that won’t sit still on the train, just like Stuntboy – this book might help them stay still while you read the paper ;-) (nine out of ten),
  • The Lonely Planet kids travel book, for those kids that just love impressing their teacher with all the facts that they know, and love reader them again and again! (seven out of ten).

So which travel book from Lonely Planet would suit your child? Let us know!

This is a sponsored review, but all opinions are our own.

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