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Lonely Planet Kids Book Reviews: How to create wonder and enchantment with three little words

We have had the pleasure of being tasked with some Lonely Planet Kids book reviews this month; and I can safely say it has been an utter pleasure. It is hardly a bind when you have books as enchanting as these four to explore:

Lonely Planet Kids book reviews from us today - four fantastic books that the kids will love! #books #reading #homeschool

All of these books are aimed at the 8+ age group, expect the Dinosaur Atlas, which is probably a little more suitable for the younger children; age 5+.

The Animal Book (Preview) 8/10

The Animal Book is the first of our Lonely PLanet Kids book reviews - and fantastic resource for your kids, no matter what animals they love!

This is really a children’s encyclopedia of over 100 weird and wonderful creatures from the world at large; each animal covered has gorgeous pictures, amazing facts, and lots of educational information. Even the book jacket design is rather striking…we thought it would make rather a lovely wallpaper actually ;-)

Even the book jacket could make a good wallpaper within the Lonely Planet Kids The Animal Book! ;-)

The book is split into the different regions of the world, from the Arctic, to the Americas, and even has a special section dedicated to the Oceans; of particular interest to my boy who loves a good shark fact.

My favourite book when I was a child was an animal encyclopedia, and this is a wonderful up to date way to relive one’s childhood, and excite a new generation of kids about the animals that live around us. The book covers everything from the supposedly mundane fox (they are anything but), to the exotic green anaconda and emperor penguin.

The illustrations within the book are stunning and endeavor to remind our kids just how magical, and precious, the animals around us are.

The wolf howling at the moon is one of our favourite pics from The Animal Book from Lonely PLanet Kids - love it!

The howling wolf is one of our favourites – such an iconic picture of a beautiful, and sadly endangered animal.

The Big Earth Book (Preview) – 9/10

This is a great book for the kids - the Big Earth Book - explore all the elements in a fun and informative way. Thanks Lonely Planet Kids.

Have you ever wondered what tectonic plates are? Do you know how hot a volcano is? This book takes an in depth dive into everything elemental; covering earth, fire, water and air. Reading this book will help your child to understand the four most powerful forces on the planet!

The book touches on aspects of Geography, History and Science in explaining all the forces that can play havoc with the world we live in, as well as create some of the most beautiful phenomenon and geology that the planet has to offer.

The book is illustrated in the same vibrant style as The Animal Book, helping to bring the story of the earth to life in an engaging way for the children reading it. The little characters that represent each of the elements within the book are quite simply charming, and the rest of the book doesn’t disappoint either.

We just love the little characters that represent the elements within the Big Earth Book from Lonely Planet Kids - a perfect way to teach the kids about what is going on in the world around them. #reading #books #kids #homeschool #theplanet

Water looks the most mischevious don’t you think?

The book is beautifully laid out, and easy for kids to understand; you will be surprised to see that it can even distract them from playing with Scalectrix on the floor for a moment as well!

We got distracted by The Big Earth Book from Lonely PLanet kids while we were playing on the floor! #reading #kids #books

The Dinosaur Atlas (Preview) – 8/10

The Dinasaur Atlas from Lonely Planet Kids is a must for all those dinosaur fans out there! #reading #books #kids #dinosaurs

Do you have a Dinosaur mad wee boy or girl? If you do, then this Atlas transports them back to a time when the Dinosaurs roamed the earth. You can see where the dinosaurs lived, find out what we know about them, and how they were discovered.

The facts, and photographs within this book are particularly beguiling, with your kids being able to see, FOR REAL, the size of some of the dinosaur’s teeth…

Oh my - now that tooth would scare me?!!? From the Dinosaur Atlas from Lonely PLanet Kids #reading #books #kids #dinosaurs

You wouldn’t want to meet something with one of those gnashers now, would you?

The educational value of the book is excellent, with topics covered including how the dinosaurs evolved, what they did to get their food, what they all looked like, and most importantly, how to actually pronounce all of their impossible to spell names! ;-)

So you get…



….which is understandable – just.

Because the book is aimed at slightly younger children, there are a number of flaps for your kids to explore even further, including full width ones, adding to the mystery of the dinosaurs, and making the book even more fun for little fingers to get stuck in to!

Reading the Dinosaur Atlas and messing with the pop ups! #reading #kids #dinosaurs

Incredible Cabinet of Wonders (Preview) – 10/10

This book is, quite simply stunning. A gorgeous concept, spectacularly illustrated, and brought to life by awesome ideas, and intriguing topics.

OPen the Cabinet of Wonders - and you don't quite know what your imagination will un-leash! Thanks Lonely PLanet Kids for an excellent book. #Reading #Kids #Discover #Wonder

Who doesn’t want to know what is inside a water droplet? Or how best to hunt down a monster?

The premise for the book is, as the title says, wonderful. 12 collectors have been chosen to share with us their weird and wacky worlds through a cabinet of their own. The collectors are varied; from the monster hunter, to the toy maker and even a doctor and a miniaturist.

The cabinets are brilliantly interactive, and exquisitely drawn. Photographs don’t do them justice; so just go and buy the book, or take a look at the preview linked to above. ;-)

The illustrations in the Incedible Cabinet of Wonders are just amazing - I can't actually do them justice to be honest; take a look at the extracts on the site. #Reading #Kids #Books

This is our favourite book of all the four that we were asked to review; it is original, and fascinating. It truly will capture your child’s imagination, and young and old alike will delight in exploring the flaps to review the contents of the 12 special cabinets within the book.

Your kids might even struggle to wrestle it out of your hands….

Lonely Planet Kids Book Reviews – The FINAL verdict!

Lonely Planet Kids is an excellent educational publisher, and these four new titles continue the outstanding traditions of the company. Lonely Planet is known for its adult travel books, and the educational titles for the kids allow our children to explore using their imaginations, with well illustrated and researched books that will stand the test of time.

The cost of these books, at c. £15.00 or so each is, for a strong hardback book, packed with information, excellent value. The Incredible Cabinet of Wonders, in particular, is a unique concept, stunningly produced, and will be an utter delight for you and your children. Some of the illustrations within this book are even worth my art-mad daughter of twelve taking the time to copy!

If you are looking for a gift for your children, or to spark their imagination, then you would be well advised to pop over to the Lonely Planet Kids site for a bit of an explore yourself.

Oh, and in case you are wondering, the three little words I am referring to in the title; Lonely Planet Kids, of course!

Note: We have been given the books and were paid for this review; however, all opinions of the books are our own. We love them, and one of them is currently my own bedtime reading – can you guess which one?!?

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