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Little Star presents….Microscooter Sprite Scooter

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Sprite Scooters: The review

We have been very lucky this year in getting the opportunity to review one of the Microscooter stunt scooters for Stuntboy. However, this did cause a little difficulty as Chatterboxes scooter seemed to be a little bit inadequate by comparison.

We where therefore extremely pleased to be offered the chance to take a look at the Microscooter Sprite Scooter for age 5+. My daughter was happy to volunteer for the honours. She choose the colour as well, and as usual I am glad she did. If it had been up to me she would probably have got a pink one *no stereotyping here* She preferred the blue one, but there is plenty of choice so I am sure you will find the one for you; there seems to be a Sprite scooter for everyone! Though I suspect they have yet to make one that works for people like me of course….

She gave me her verdict with a few seconds of trying it out after opening up the box:

Microscooter - the grand opening!

I can go a lot smoother now….

She is 100% correct as well – the wheels and the construction of the scooter make for a very smooth, and from my perspective, a much quieter ride. Her last scooter was very, very jangly. Annoyingly, I can’t hear her coming sometimes now, and given that we live on a hill that can be a little dangerous…

The scooter benefits from coming pre-made with very little assembly required. The stunt scooter did require a bit of building and we struggled here. This one was much more; out of the box and you are away. Another advantage is that it is foldable. This really helped us recently when we were able to pack it much more easily than her brother’s model in the boot of the car.

The handlebar height is adjustable too, making it suitable for ages right up to 12; which given my daughter is pretty tall, was another great feature.

The price, at £59.99, is more than you might pay for some scooters. However, we have had previous reviews for just under a tenner less than this that were so dangerous they ended up at the local dump. Given this, and the quality of the build, the ride the kids get, I think this is great value. The scooter will last, and keep your kids entertained for as long as they are keen on the toy. It would be surprising if you needed to replace it.

Overall, a great toy will wonderful potential for keeping the kids outside and enjoying life – not to mentioning practising the odd bit of gymnastics and balance as well!

Microscooters review

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