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Furby Connect Review: They are back! #FurbyConnect

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I have never been a fan of Furby. This is because I am forty-three years old. Or this is what my kids think. Furby Connect is the new incarnation of the cutesie little critters from Hasbro that love to be cuddled and squeezed, and apparently he is very, very cool indeed.

I am not cool it would seem.

Furby Connect comes in a few different colours, but we got a Purple one, which is grat as its my favourite colour - natch

What is Furby Connect?

The new Furby has moved with the times, the little furrball has got eyes that act as little LCD screens, and he connects to an app, Furby Connect World (iOS/Android), so your kids can feed, play and interact with him in his new playground.

The second most exciting thing he does is dream of electric sheep – now if you pop his mask on, he drops off so he doesn’t beep at you all the time, and drive you absolutely mental.

But THE most exciting thing is that he poops all over your iPhone:

“Mummy, he went to the toilet TWICE and it went on your screen.”

Which is nice *obvs*.

He has over 150 animations straight out of his box, which is plenty to keep the kids entertained, but the app adds a total new dimension to play for the kids.

The Furby Connect World app adds another dimension to play with the little furry creatures. My son loves it when he gets the Furby to poo on his device. Which is nice.

You get updates for the app regularly, and he can interact with videos played in the app, including singing and dancing. These interactions change as new kid friendly content is discovered for your little friend weekly.

What did we think of the Furby Connect?

I have to admit. I am still totally non-plussed by it all. But I am not the target, my son and daughter are. And they seem to enjoy it. Even my daughter is interested, having at first thought it was all a little too young for her.

Since opening our gift; my son has played with it every day, and is enjoying both squeezing his Furby, feeding it, and playing the Furby Connect World game.

feeding our furby connect while we are feeding ourselves - natch

I was even a *bad mum* and let him play for a few minutes while he was meant to be eating his tea *slaps self.* I think he wanted to make sure he was getting fed at the same time as his new friend….

He particularly enjoys collecting the different kind of Furbys in the app. This gameplay reminds me a little of both the concept within Pokemon Go and Dragonvale games. Though the real-life element within Furby Connect isn’t related to collecting, its more looking after, and playing – so a Pokemon/Tamogotchi hybrid perhaps?

It may not be a hit with me, but stuff me, the kids love him.

Who wouldn't love that Furby Connect face - even if it does have a little of the tea on it ;-)

Who can resist that face – even if it does have a little of Furby and our tea on it ;-)

I do feel that the longevity of it should be good too, as there are so many different interactions, and the Furby can “learn” new things in the Furby Connect World App everytime you connect. Connection is via Bluetooth, and so information can be passed to the Furby, it isn’t all a one way street.

Overall Kids – 10/10 Mum – 7/10

It is a big thumbs up for our furry Furby Connect friend. A toy that has been updated, with modern day kids in mind, and without a single nod to their old-fashioned, slightly prudish parents. Farting and burping its way into the hearts of small people everywhere….

Though it isn’t for me, that doesn’t really matter as its aimed at the kids! Having said this, the biggest plus is that though there is an app, the Furby has been designed to be standalone too.

We are strict with our screen time with Stuntboy as we find too much doesn’t make for a happy family. This means that he can still play with the wee fella without having to get on his device.

The smoothness of its movements and its robust nature mean that kids aren’t afraid to squeeze, cuddle, feed and play with it without the aid of a screen. Don’t go throwing him around though, he wouldn’t survive that; as a true animal pal, he needs a little TLC too.

That is enough to make any parent happy in the age of electronic gadgets that almost always encourage screen time. It even comes with a little language sheet for you, so you know what he’s saying to you – so that babbling finally makes sense to your kids, and even to you if you bother to read it *I did – brownie points to me*

Did I mention I love its eyes too? Well I do. Just dying to see what appears in them next – they are so cute, and such a great way of making the toy even more personalised as well.

What's not to love with those massive Furbey Connect eyes - THESE are the bext things about the toy...all the little things that appear in them when you interact with it - the kids love it!

I gave it seven because of its eyes you know.

Note: we were sent the Furby Connect, but weren’t actually asked to review, though the boy liked it so much, I decided I would. Join in the conversation online by using the #FurbyConnect hashtag on Twitter and beyond. This post contains affiliate links.

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