Mini magic in the kitchen with Yummy Nummies food craft

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Have you ever tried food craft with the kids? Neither had we until we had a go with the yummy nummies kits...great, and simple fun in the kitchen. Even if you can't really cook like me...!

I can’t cook. FACT. However, that doesn’t mean that I don’t have to cook sometimes. It also doesn’t mean that my kids aren’t going to like cooking – they do, in fact; love it. So we were delighted to be asked to review the Yummy Nummies range of  mini creatives; mini kitchen magic. We haven’t tried food craft before, and as it combines two of my daughter’s favourite things, I suspect it could be a very big hit in the KiddyCharts household.

What are Yummy Nummies?

Yummy Nummies are kits available in four ranges; bakery treats, candy shop, dinner delights and make-a-meal. You are given the ingredients for making each of the treats, so decorations, and food power for cookies for example, instructions and then you can create them and even eat them. They are designed to look like, and taste the the real deal, though obviously they aren’t quite* ;-)

What did we think of Yummy Nummies?

We are rather partial to a bit of video on the blog these days, so we decided to film the whole Yummy Nummies experience for you. From unboxing, to making, tasting and our final verdict. We were sent the Yummy Nummies Baking Treats chocolate chip cookies set to try out.

As you can see; my kids loved the cookies that we made – this video shows their very first taste…and I didn’t prime them as all. As everyone knows, you can’t get kids to do anything you actually want them to, no matter how hard you actually try! ;-)

if you want to see a quick flick through the process, do check out our Facebook post as well:

We did something a little different today….mini food craft with Yummy Nummies. Find out more here: #sp

Posted by KiddyCharts Printable Reward Charts on Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Overall 8/10

These are a massive hit with my children; we made them three days running in fact, until all the cookie mixture was gone. At only £6.99 they are good value too; keeping the kids entertained with minimum input from me. However, if you do want to help, it is a great interactive activity to do with the children.

My main concern was the artificial nature of the product. Given the small amount you make though, I can’t imagine it’ll do my, or your kids, too much harm. A little of what you fancy, after all?However, there are a few who will find this a strange concept to get their heads around – powder, plus water = edible craft. If it isn’t for you though, steer clear. The kids do seem to love the idea, and took it all in their stride. In addition, it did also take slightly longer to cook than on the pack. One minute compared to the claimed 15 seconds is a big difference, however it is still only one minute, so not long to wait. It also says wthin the packaging that the cooking time varies depending on the make of microwave used.

*Contains artificial flavourings.

Disclosure: We were paid to do a video review of Yummy Nummies, all opinions are mine and my children’s own though. Can’t get the kids to say anything I want them to…ever ;-)

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