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Time to Pee Club – Premium Annual

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Time to Pee Club – Premium Annual

£24.95 / year with a 3-day free trial

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Monthly subscription service for KiddyCharts fans, including access to ALL printable produced for the shop every single month forever, as long as you pay the monthly subscription.

We guarantee at least 4 new printables every single month to help with the trials and tribulations of home learning, and parenting, everything from staying organised as a mum, to help children to learn and enjoy both at home and in the classroom.

We want to hear from you – what would YOU like next month?

Our products range from £4.95 to £10.95 for a single product, and we are giving you everything each month for only £3.95.

No brainer. Yep.

See you there!

Want a discount? Become a member by purchasing Time to Pee Club - Premium Monthly or Time to Pee Club - Premium Annual!


Annual subscription service for KiddyCharts fans, including access to ALL activity sheets and content for a WHOLE YEAR.

That is everything we put into the shop for a whole year for you.

For Free.

We guarantee four new printables every month, but we usually produce more than this.

Everything from:

  • Gorgeous calendars and organisation tools,
  • Free colouring eBooks,
  • Maths, Literacy and Science worksheets,
  • Daily challenges,
  • Fun ideas and templates for the kids, and
  • Organisation tools for parents and schools everywhere.

Every resources are worth an average of £5.95 EACH.

Monthly membership gives you access to everything for £4.95 a month – annual membership is a massive 42% saving, with access for a year for only £24.95 a year.

If you were to buy our resources individually though, that is a saving of a massive 92% on what you would have to pay if you got every resource on it’s own.

Why wouldn’t you?



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