Editable 2022 Calendar for kids



We have traditionally had wonderful designs for our calendars for kids, and the editable 2022 calendar for kids is no exception. At £1.99, it is a bargain too! For every month of the year, we have gorgeous illustrations to represent the month, alongside the ability to add in your own events throughout the year, specific to your family or school. Illustrations for each month are:

  • January – a winter scene,
  • February – children painting,
  • March – children laughing,
  • April – Happy Easter,
  • May – Children with a beautiful rainbow, celebrating
  • June – scene with lovely animals,
  • July – Family at the beach,
  • August – Child playing with building blocks with their mum/mom,
  • September – Back to School,
  • October –  Playing with the leaves,
  • November – Ice skating, and
  • December – Bringing in Christmas with some carol singing.

We hope that you agree that these are all beautiful illustrations.

The best thing about this calendar is that it is completely original, so you won’t find a calendar like it anywhere else. Alongside this, we have made this 2022 calendar editable for you. This means that you can add your own events throughout the year to customise it for your family or your school. There are a number of ways that you might like to use the editable 2022 calendar for kids:

  • Add your school events to it monthly, and share with parents, or with your leadership team,
  • Add your family’s events to keep track of what they are doing well
  • Print one for each of your children, and then you have a record of what they are doing week to week to easily refer to, and add to as things change,
  • Create a revision timetable for your kids, and
  • Make a birthdays for the family reference so you never forget a family birthday again!

We love all of these ideas and will be printing out one of these 2022 calendars today so we can get this all sorted as soon as possible.

We hope you enjoy this!


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