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Tooth brushing reward chart: Download today

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We’ve got a free tooth brushing reward chart for you today, to work alongside the other reward charts that we have on the site. This is a really simple, single page checklist, that you can also use as a reward chart to help your kids to brush their teeth every night.

If you are anything like we are in our house – brushing kids teeth can be tough, from when they are little when they can refuse to open their mouth, to when they are older teens and you are never quite sure if they really did brush them when they are saying that they did….

Ultimate guide to teaching kids proper tooth brushing

Nowadays, parents are naturally concerned about the oral hygiene of their kids. Of course, we all know that some of our kids are not properly brushing their teeth as well as they might; even though they say they are. As a result, cavities are becoming more common in young children.

The goal of this checklist is to help to teach your kids how to brush their teeth properly, and regularly – getting into a routine so that it becomes part of their (and your) day. We’ll first discuss the basics of tooth brushing before providing you with the checklist.

Children who have grown up with an effective tooth-brushing routine are usually less likely to develop dental problems as adults.

Six Tips for making your kids brush their teeth with ease

We would all LOVE to make teeth time at night as simple as it can be – so before grabbing our tooth brushing reward chart; we’ve like to give you some ideas of how to help generally with your teeth routine.

1. Find a time to brush their teeth that works for everyone

When it comes to brushing your teeth, in general, we all know that we should be doing it twice a day. However, that doesn’t take into account personal preferences and needs for others in the household. Toothbrushes need to be replaced every three to four months and toothpaste every six months.

2. Be a good role model so they learn from you brushing your teeth

Teaching kids to brush their teeth is important, but it’s also important to be a good role model. Parents should brush their teeth in front of their children and make sure kids are brushing for the recommended amount of time. This will encourage the kids to do the same thing.

3. Set up a routine for brushing teeth

Make sure you have the same routine when you brush – it isn’t just about the time you do it, it is also about where you do it, when you do it relative to meals, and whether there is calm in the room you are in, so that you can focus on the task in hand and so can your child.

4. Get the right tools

Make sure you have the right tooth brush for it, AND that you are established what the reward structure will be for brushing. We have a chart here you can use of course, but make sure you know when you “pay out” on the rewards, and it is clear to your child too. Don’t start your chart with the rewards too young too; keep it simple and easy for them to understand. Remember, we do have a personalised reward chart you can use on site too for teeth cleaning, alongside this one.

5. Make it fun

The reward chart should help with that, but there are also apps you can use, and you might even want to consider a special toothbrush for younger kids, either a funky design, or perhaps one that even connects to an app, such as the Playbrush.

6. Praise them when they do it right / well

Praise is a really fabulous tool with kids, so use it – but only use it when it is appropriate, don’t shower kids with praise when they don’t deserve it, it just confuses them.

We hope that you think these tips are helpful – here is an example of the checklist for you. We suggest checking or shading in the circles when the teeth are brushed. In order to turn this into a tooth brushing reward chart, you can use stickers here too perhaps, and let your child know what and when the rewards will happen.

A good way to do this might be to give a reward at the end of the week if all the stickers are there, or all the circles have been shaded in.

To download the reward chart, just click on the button below.

If you want a more personalised reward chart for the kids, do check out our reward charts within the site. These are printable, and you can add names, and themes depending on what your kids like. We do have a tooth brushing star as well – so we hope you like him too!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.