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Tigeropolis: Tiger coloring pages and activity sheets

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Hope your little ones will enjoy these three Tigeropolis colouring sheet depicting characters from the book and whisking children away on an exotic journey full of adventure.

Tigeropolis - Tiger coloring pages and activity sheets

Colouring Page Number One

Coloring page 1

Colouring Page Number Two

Coloring page 2

Colouring Page Number Three

Coloring page 3



The Grand Opening engages children aged 8-12 in the importance of protecting our environment – and, of course, the tiger – in a fun, educational and entertaining way. Full of witty takes on what life might be like for the modern tiger and charming illustrations, Tigeropolis: The Grand Opening is the second book in the acclaimed Tigeropolis series.

Praised by the likes of Stanley Johnson, the children’s books are accompanied by an audiobook (narrated by Richard E Grant) and an Apple TV game available on the App Store as well as three beautiful colouring sheets to get kids interested in protecting our wildlife.

In the first book in the series – Tigeropolis: Beyond the Deep Forest – our favourite tigers discover that their idyllic life is under threat. In the second book, Tigeropolis: The Grand Opening, Tiger cubs Bittu and Matti, together with old Uncle Raj and their mother Tala, might have saved their beloved Tigeropolis, but they soon discover there’s much more to running a successful wildlife park than posing for the odd picture and uploading it to ‘Tigerbook’.

From the reappearance of an old foe from Uncle Raj’s past, to coming up with inventive ways to draw in the crowds, this family of vegetarian tigers have their hands full trying to make the reopening of Tigeropolis the roaring success they want it to be.

Tigeropolis: Beyond the Deep Forest and Tigeropolis: The Grand Opening are out now.

Tiger coloring pages and activity sheets

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