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St Patricks Day Game: Memory fun for the kids

We have a lovely little set of worksheets for you on the site today; to help you celebrate St Patricks Day, wherever you are. This St Patricks Day game is the classic memory game for kids.

All you need to play this is scissors, and glue, to make the cards. You can laminate the worksheets as well, just so they last that little bit longer in your children’s hands.

This is a great activity for the home, or classroom; it is suitable for kids aged 4+, depensding on their matching and memory abilities.

Sometimes it isn’t even suitable for 48-year old women… 😂

What is included within the St Patricks Day game?

This pack has 12 pages, including the backs, and fronts of 36 cards so that you and the kids can play the memory game easily.

We have picked a few different designs for the cards that are synonymous with St Patricks Day; which is the 17th March of course. Designs include:

  • Leprechauns,
  • Shamrocks,
  • Green bunting,
  • St Patricks Day traditional green hats,
  • Lucky Shamrock coins,
  • Tankards containing some yummy Irish beer,
  • Luck signs,
  • Lucky horseshoes,
  • Leprechaun’s shoes, and
  • Envelopes with lucky Shamrocks on them.

Aren’t they just too cute?

This gives you a lovely little taster of what we have in the freebie worksheets for you.

How do you use the memory game sheets?

If you haven’t played a memory game like this, you might not understand how to play the game, and set it up so…

  1. Stick the back sheets on all the sheets with the designs on them using any glue you have to hand. Make sure that the glue covers the whole sheet so that you have glue on all the cards when they are cut out in the next stage….
  2. Then cut out each of the cards from their sheets. There are six cards on each sheet, and a total of 6 sheets, so you should have 36 of them at the end,
  3. You should now have 36 memory cards to play with, so just lay them out face down in front of you in a 6 x 6 square,
  4. Turn over two cards, if they match, you’ve won that pair, and can have another go, if not, play passed to your opponent,
  5. Now they turn over two cards. Pause after turning over the first one, do you remember if the other one of that pair has already been turned over? If you do, pick it, and you’ve won. If it’s partner hasn’t been turned over before, have a guess!
  6. Keep taking it in turns until all the pairs have been won, and
  7. Whoever has the most pairs has won the game!

Such a simple, but fun game for all ages.

To download the worksheets, just click on the button below and they are yours.

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It has been a pleasure having you today, and we hope you will come back again soon,


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