Reef 2 Printables for your kids to enjoy

Reef 2: Header

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Reef 2: Header

Reef 2 is to be released on DvD this week (more on that tomorrow) and because we love a little bit of fishy fun; we have teamed up with the promoters to bring you some fantastic free printables so you can have some fun with the kids.

We have a few different types for you, so that any Reef 2 fans out there will be satisfied properly:

  • Dot to Dot
  • Maze
  • Spot the difference
  • Traditional colouring in sheet.

As you can see there is something for every little fan out there.

KiddyCharts have a nice little collection of printables now with out charts now available for free to download on the site. Why not check out our personalised charts for yourself too? You never know, you might even find that you can find a printable to help with a challenging behaviour while the kids are colouring in their pictures!

Reef 2 Colouring printable

Reef 2: Colouring sheet
Click to Download


Reef 2 maze printable

Reef 2 : Maze printable
Click to Download


Reef 2 dot-to-dot printable

Reef 2: Dot 2 Dot
Click to Download

Reef 2 spot the difference printable

Reef 2: Spot the Difference
Click to Download


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Enjoy :-D

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