Red Nose Day activities for Comic Relief: Free printables to download and win a celebrity visit to your school

Are you up for a laugh and making the world a better place at the same time? Red Nose Day is coming up on Friday 24th March and to help spread the word and raise awareness, we are sharing these Red Nose Day activities for Comic Relief. We also have information on an amazing competition from Pinterest and Red Nose Day with Comic Relief too. Take a look at the printables, and then find out how to enter below.

Red Nose Day Activities Free Printables for Comic Relief

There are many ways you can get involved and fund raise for Red Nose Day and some of the printables we are sharing with you today will help you.

Grab these Red Nose Day activities for free and make a change

Comic Relief Cake Toppers

If you decide to have a fundraiser of your own, we think a great way to fundraise is to have a bake off / bake sale, and these Red Nose Day Comic Relief cake toppers are a great decoration for the cause. We have every single one of the noses to choose from, making ten fantastic toppers for your cakes!

If you making cakes for Red Nose Day - these cake toppers based on some of their noses are for you!

Who could resist delicious home baked cupcakes with those wonderful noses on them, especially if they are for a good cause?

If you making cakes for Red Nose Day - these cake toppers based on some of their noses are for you!


What better way to encourage donations than to have a donate-o-meter where people will be able to see how much money is still needed to meet the goal. Your friends and family will love to help you meet that goal. We have our very own Red Nose Day DO-Nose-Ometer for you to measure the success of all your efforts.


Are you raising money for Red Nose Day? Then here is a do-nose-ometer for you to measure how much you've got!

You can even colour this one in! If you prefer a full colour version we have one too. You can laminate these and use dry erase markers so once you hit your goal you can easily increase the amount if need be.

We hope you have to do that – a lot! ;-)

Are you raising money for Red Nose Day? Then here is a do-nose-ometer for you to measure how much you've got!

Pick Your Own Comic Relief Red Nose

Let the little ones get creative and design their own red nose (no need to exclude the adults either). We all know how much kids love to pick their own noses, right?

Need something to do for Red Nose Day? Why not design your own Red Nose?

Follow your nose to find the ingredients

Here we have another fun activity based on this year’s Red Nose Day red noses – this time its Sneezecake…

We have loads of Red Nose Day activities on the blog - how about helping Sneezecake to get the right ingredients for his cheesecake.

Can you help him find the right ingredients for his cake?

Do You Have a Nose For A Puzzle

Everybody likes a good word search. There are 12 Red Nose Day words to find in our Comic Relief activity word search.

Want to keep the kids entertained for Red Nose Day - here is a Comic Relief wordsearch!

We really hope you will take part in the Red Nose Day, remember no donation is too small, and everything adds up in the end.

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Here at KiddyCharts, we have quite a lot of free colouring pages, activities and other fun free printables to keep your little ones busy for hours and hours. Here are some more fun free printable activities your kids will definitely enjoy!

You can also print them all by clicking the image below.

Red Nose Day Free Printable Activities


You can find a whole lot of fun printables and fundraiser ideas on the Red Nose Day websites too, so be sure to check them out.

Win a celebrity visit to YOUR school for Red Nose Day!

Now you have landed on our gorgeous page, why not do something amazing if you are a teacher – get a mystery celebrity to visit your school? Pinterest have a wonderful competition with Comic Relief and Red Nose Day for you to win just that. All you have to do is create a board of your fund-raising ideas, and submit that board to Pinterest. Board submissions are to be made here. Full requirements are:

  1. Create a board on your Pinterest profile called “Fundraising Ideas – Red Nose Day” using this link
  2. In the board description, tell Pinterest how you hope to raise money for the charity, and
  3. Submit your board here to Pinterest before 10th March.Full terms and conditions are located on the Red Nose Day site.Why not give this a go – we KNOW that your school would LOVE to win this. And if you aren’t a teacher, why not let your school know about the competition, and our printables, and the Red Nose Day site ones too? Have some fun this Red Nose Day! Do check our Red Nose Day Activities for Kids Pinterest board for more red nose fun.We have a great Pinterest board covering Printables too, where you can find some of our freebies, as well as those from other lovely sites all across the world. You should definitely check it out and do not forget to follow too.


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