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Printable New Years Resolutions

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We are nearly at the end of another year, so how about taking a moment to write down some of those New Years Resolutions that you would like to bear in mind as we go into the New Year. This is a great activity for kids to think about what they want to achieve and focus on for the next year.

Printable New Years Resolutions

This activity should really get us, and our kids, thinking about what they want to achieve next year. Why not think about things a little before filling this out?

How to complete the New Years Resolution activity

New Years Resolutions

There are a few things to think about before filling this in. Why don’t you make it into a lose “contract” for yourself or your children, so that you actually have your goals and ideas for the year written down somewhere tangible.

It is a lot easier to break a New Year’s Resolutions IF you haven’t:

  1. Told anyone about it, or
  2. Written it down so you are proving to yourself how serious you are about the aim you have.

In order to complete this activity, with yourself, or with your children:

  • Give yourself some thinking time. This about what the last year has been like for you. Think of the positives, what you enjoyed, what made you happy, and then think of some of the negatives, such as what you didn’t enjoy, and try and work out why those things weren’t helpful. What do you like about how things have been? What didn’t you like? And most importantly, what can YOU do to change things? Don’t be unrealistic about those goals. If you are working with your children on this, chat to them about how they have felt, and what they really want to achieve next year,
  • Once you have had your thinking time, look at the specific questions within the New Years Activity, and see whether you can summarise what you would like to do in each of these areas:
    • What is your MAIN New Years resolution? Make sure it is a SMART resolution, so Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely. There is no point in setting a resolution that you will never be able to manage, or that has no definite point that shows you did it!
    • What will you try to do this year? Perhaps there is something that you, or your children, would really like to try for the first time this year. Dream, and write it down, and you never know. It might just happen…. From the simple; try to bake a cake, to try a sky dive – anything goes,
    • What will you do more of this year? Think about what made you happy throughout the year; why not see if you can do more of that in the years to come. Perhaps you love reading? Well make time to read more books. Or you love making cards for family and friends, do more of that then! Whatever it is, write it down as a promise to yourself,
    • What will you do less of this year? If there was something that wasn’t helpful; either a way of thinking, or a feeling about yourself, or perhaps even an activity you don’t like, but keep on doing, then why not stop? Ideas for this might be stopping criticising yourself, not wearing make-up every day as you don’t need to, or even not driving everywhere as you want to help the planet one step at a time. Whatever it is, let yourself know! Finally,
    • What is your main goal for the next year? If you can, think about a main goal, make it SMART, and go for it! There may be smaller goals along the way to get there of course
  • Share what you have created with your nearest and dearest if you want, or even put it on your desk to drive you on. We’d love to see as well of course.

There you go – a New Years Resolutions write down some of those activity to help make things a little easier to articulate as we come into the New Year.

To download, just click on the circular image below

New Years Resolutions 2021

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