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Princess and the frog printables for Storytime

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You will take story time to a whole new level with these princess and the frog printables for storytime.
This is one of the more popular fairy tales and with these activity printables, kids are going to enjoy it even more.

Princess and the frog printables for Storytime for little ones

There are a whole bunch of fun printables waiting for you to print them, from decorative printables to activity sheets.

Cute Storytime Bookplates

Print out and decorate our bookplates to use on your school books or on your favourite books at home! Aren’t these just adorable?

Bookplate for kids

Princess and Frog Masks

Prince or Frog? Connect the dots and find out, then colour in the picture! So much fun to be had with this one. These are also great for your little ones to practice counting.


Princess and Frog Masks

Print out our Princess and Frog masks and act out the fairy tale as you read it! We can just tell your kids will have a lot of fun pretend playing or even story telling with these two, let their imagination run wild. Will your little ones want to be the princess or the frog?

ST_Kidd_Masks_21. (2)

The Frog Prince Tangle Trail Printable

Only one of these tangled trails leads to the Princess’s favourite golden ball. Can you work out which one? Perfect to keep the little ones entertained, whilst also working on their problem solving skills.


Did you enjoy these awesome free printables? If you did, why not visit where they have a lot  more printables for you to download.

Awesome Princess and the Frog printables for Storytime

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Princess and the frog printables

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