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Personalised books: Tracing activity sheet from Arty Mouse

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We have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to review, and share with you a book from the personalised books website, This sites enables you to give your children a personalised book where they are the heroes within the story, and in this case, even the activities!

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Personalised books

The idea of is to enable you to create a personalised gift for your little ones with a message contained in the pages, and a story that has them within it. The baby books within the site offer a range of options for you to create the book that works best for your child. Names are added to the illustrations within the books, and a personalised message included on the first pages – as you can see here.

You can choose any messages you wish to feature in the first pages of the book. Shown here, is a simple message explaining how much you love your little one, but it is easy to pick anything you want when you order your books.

This particular book comes in a gorgeous presentation pack – making it a great gift for your child on a special occasion, as well as being a good learning tool for them.

Personalised books like chatter box

Names need to be up to 12 characters, and the message to go into the books is two lines with a maximum of 40 characters. This gives you enough space to write what you need to do, without taking up too much space within the books. Prices start from c. £12.99, and you can choose from your favourite characters from Disney to Paw Patrol. In addition, you can shop by age within the site, from babies to teen.

Personalised book: What are the tracing activities?

Arty mouse guides your child throughout the book; a charming little charter, and instantly likeable for your little ones. Him and his friends give your child instructions on how they need to complete the pictures within the book. Tracing activities are a perfect way to help your kids with their pencil control to enable them to learn some of the skills that they need to write. Tracing activities:

  • Improve pencil control,
  • Focus on development of fine motor skills needed for handwriting, and
  • Develop the different strokes throughout the book that are required for handwriting, e.g. curving, downward strokes, etc.

The activities within this book are fun, and given your kids goals around the creation of the finished pictures, but they are helping them to learn *sneaky*

Here is a favourite sheet from the book for you now.

Personalised books chatterbox spider web

You can see that the personalisation in this book is part of the activity, with kids learning how to write their name with the tracing. This is a great way of practising forming letters in early writing. This activity is a little trickier than some of the others due to the slightly more complex nature of the spider’s web. A good challenge for your kids.

<< To download the activity – just click on the circular image below and it is yours >>

Personalised books spiders webs

Overall, the loved this site and the book itself; it offers a great gift for kids for birthdays, particularly with the presentation pak, that will be treasured for years to come. The costs are a little higher than for some books, but this is because of the personalised touches to the gifts.

If you like this tracing activity from Arty Mouse, why not take a look at some of the other activities like this on the site?

Fine motor skills and writing practise

Some further ideas for helping children with their fine motor skills, and writing too.

Here are some other ideas for handwriting practise across the web too:

Tracing and other writing activity ideas from the internet

We've got some more ideas for you from the internet to help your children to explore tracing and handwriting skills. Why not check them out?

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Thanks so much for coming to see us today, we hope that you will be back on the site soon too.

Personalised books spider web tracing activity
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