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Mother’s Day seed packets

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Mother’s Day is right around the corner and we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to give you some beautiful ideas for Mother’s Day crafts and gift ideas made by the little ones. Whether you are a mum yourself, a teacher, or just an older sibling – today’s post is bound to cheer you up and give you some lovely ideas for mums gift. Today we bring you a free printable Mother’s Day DIY seed packet. There are various things you can do with this idea, so without further ado let’s go straight to the post.

Mother's Day seed packets

DIY Mother’s Day seed packet

We like to show you our printables in detail before you download and let you see for yourself how lovely they are, if we must say so ourselves. Let’s take a look.

Mother's Day

Our Mother’s Day DIY seed packet comes with 8 beautiful templates for you to use to gift mum some beautiful seeds for her to grow anything from flowers, plants, even fruit or veg!

The idea for this printable is that you download the printable, cut it out along the lines, and wrap it around a real seed packet to give mum a beautiful gift that she can then grow. Just as your love for her grows, so will the seeds in the packet.

Seed packets

The seed packets have beautiful messages on them too, so mum can feel special when she opens them. The first sheet reads;

  • You are the best,
  • We love you,
  • Thank you for everything, and
  • I am who I am because of you.

These heartfelt messages are sure to make mum smile. Let’s take a look at the second sheet in the printable pack.

Mother's Day seeds

There are some beautiful messages in this page of the printable pack as well.

  • Home is where you are,
  • Love you Mom,
  • Mom you are amazing, and
  • To the world you are a mother, to me, you are the world.

Don’t tell me that these beautiful words aren’t going to make mum smile, or even tear up a bit!

We hope that you enjoyed this printable, and remember, we have many more Mother’s Day ideas on the site that we will be linking below.

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