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Low self esteem in kids: Activity to help

It’s important to be aware of changed in our kids emotional health. Their self esteem is usually the first sign that something is wrong, which is why this is a huge concern for mental health professionals and anyone that deals with kids. We’ve been hosting a series dealing with kids mental health in partnership with Leanne Brown, author of the book Daniel’s Dream. Visit her website for more resources and check out her book as well. Get the full digital resource pack too (£9.50)! Today’s post deals with low self esteem and it’s a great activity to help kids out when theirs is low.

Low self esteem in kids: Activity to help

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Self esteem in kids

Social media is playing a big part in the issues that our kids deal with when it comes to their mental health. These inescurities seem to be magnified as kids see more and more unrealisitic expectations of what they should be in order to be liked on social media. The things that they see are much more impactful in kids, but if we think about it, those things can affect adults, imagine what they can do to kids.

With this in mind we wanted to bring you a worksheet, just like we have been sharing with you, to help your kids recognise their emotions. All kids need to feel loved and supported and more than that, they need to feel free to be able to be themselves, just as they are. It is so vital, as parents, caregivers, educators, and professionals, that we encourage our children to see their worth.

Kids need to feel that they are capable of doing anything and everything that they have their heart set on. Our role as the adults in their lives is to give them the tools to do this.

In this activity, kids will be able to recognise;

  • The good things in their day,
  • Something positive someone has said about them,
  • How they can praise themselves when needed,
  • The positive things they feel about themselves,
  • How they can make someone else feel good, and
  • How to tackle negative thoughts about themselves.

Although, the positive is always crucial, it is key to tackle the negative thoughts they have about themselves in order to build self-esteem and focus their journey back on to the positives and all the things they have accomplished by being them.

This activity is great to do as an individual, a small group or a larger group. Parents, caregivers, educators and professional would all reap the benefits of doing this activity with a child. The discussions that can come from an activity like this are powerful.

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Low self esteem in kids

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See you for the next post,

Low self esteem in kids Activity

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