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Little Vampire activity sheets

We have some fantastic Little Vampire activity sheets to give away to celebrate the release of the film at Vue cinemas from 25th May.

Why not check them out by clicking on the picture above – and we’ve got a few more details on them and the film for you too!

Little Vampire activity sheets – part one

The first activity sheet includes:

  • Wordsearch,
  • Spot the difference,
  • Vampire I-Spy, and
  • Fill in the blanks.

Little Vampire activity sheets – part two

This sheet has a few more activities for the kids including:

  • Moon maths number activity,
  • Bat maze,
  • Chance to enter a comp to win a cool Vampire bundle!

We love a good kids film, and this is perfect for half term. To give you a little background on the film; it not simple being a teen AND a Vampire. Rudolph and his family are being hunted by Rookery, a rather nasty Vampire hunter. Thankfully, Rudolph runs into a 12-year old boy, Tony, who helps to bring the families together and kick hunter butt too! 😉 The voices of Jum Carter, Miriam Margolyes and Tim Pigott-Smith help to bring the story to live for the kids. If you liked Hotel Transylvania, this is the film for you! There is nothing like a little bit of spooky fun to grab the kids attention, right?

Hope you get to pop to the cinema to see it, and if you do, let us know what you think as well; we’d love to hear from you.

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Thanks again for stopping by, and we hope to see you again soon – they’ll be another printable around the corner very soon.




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