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How to make cootie catchers: Animal template

Are you looking for a fun, and fabulous cootie catcher template to do with the kids, or get them to do on their own so their hands are busy, busy, busy? If you are, this is the template for you! We are showing you how to make cootie catchers alongside giving you a special animal template so the kids can find out just what animal they are!

How to make cootie catchers

Our final sheet within this template gives you the full instructions for making a cootie catcher. It really ios as simple as this:

  1. Cut and flip over,
  2. Fold in half to crease it, but then
  3. Unfold,
  4. Fold in half again the other way, and again,
  5. Unfold. You should now have a square with creases across the diagonals.
  6. Fold the bottom left corner into the centre,
  7. Repeat this with all the four corners,
  8. Turn the paper over,
  9. Fold the bottom left corner into the centre again.
  10. Repeat again with all four corners,
  11. Turn over,
  12. Fold in half as show in the image,
  13. Unfold, and then
  14. Fold in half again and this time put your fingers in the flaps that have been created, finally
  15. Squeeze your fingers together to open up your cootie catcher, and
  16. Have as much fun with it as you want!

For this particular cootie catcher, we have an animal theme. As always with cootie catchers, there are number 1 to 8. Each of the flaps has a different animal on it, and there are 8 different animals inside this cootie catcher as well.

How to play with your animal cootie catcher template

There are four animals on your cootie catcher on each of the flaps:

  • Monkey,
  • Cow,
  • Tiger, and an
  • Elephant.

You can choose to have these as decoration, or you could have teams, each with those different animals as their team name!

The animal cootie catcher can be played with in a couple of different ways:

  • Use the simple way, and just pick a animal based on the numbers that you choose within the cootie catcher. Usually, you get a friend to pick a number, move the cootie catcher that number, and then repeat. Your friend then picks a final number and you can look under it to see what animal they are. This ends the game.
  • To add a little more to the animal cootie catcher game, perhaps the friend can then make a noise like the animal, or behave like the animal, or even, write a story about the animal they get!
  • To incorporate a little learning into the cootie catcher, why not:
    • Write a story about the animal they get in the cootie catcher,
    • Write out, and spell the animal,
    • Draw the animal,
    • Think about where the animal might live, both in what animal habitat, and even in which countries,
    • Think about what the animal eats, and finally perhaps
    • Write a poem about the animal.

There are loads of ways to use this animal cootie catcher, aside from just using it the learn how to make cootie catchers of course 😂

To download your cootie catcher – click on the button below:

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