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How to make a Shaun the Sheep pompom: A Craft or Christmas activity

We have another Shaun the Sheep activity for you today; this time you can have your very own Shaun the Sheep pompom. We are teaching you how to make a Shaun the Sheep pompom, complete either a Santa hat (if you want to hang it on the tree), or a scarf, if you just fancy making your Shaun the Sheep pompom for fun! Don’t forget, you can also get a 20% reduction on Shaun the Sheep Christmas personalised videos too from Shaun.Video as well with our KiddyXmas code on checkout.

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How to make a Shaun the Sheep pompom

We think these are really rather lovely – and the beauty of them is that because of the templates, you can make these, not just for Christmas, but all year round. Whenever you want a little Shaun the Sheep hit, we’ve got it for you! Everyone loves a pompom as well, and they make such a great activity for kids to help improve motor skills as well as their creativity. Crafting generally is great for kids, so come and have a go with them.

How to make a Shaun the Sheep pompom

Before you get started on the pompom, but will need to grab a few supplies…


  • Templates from this article,
  • Scissors,
  • Cardboard,
  • Wobbly eyes, you don’t need these, but it helps to make Shaun look a bit more “real” if you do have them,
  • White wool, unless you are going to go made and make Shaun a bit special,
  • Glue, and
  • Another willing little person to give you a spot of assistance whenever you need it.

Once you have all the necessary items, you are good to go…


  1. Decide which one of the templates you are going to go for, Timmy sized, Shaun or even Shirley,
  2. Cut them out of the card with the scissors, do help little ones if you need to,
  3. Put the pieces of card together, and tie the wool around them. Put the wool through the centre of the doughnut, then make sure you wind the wool around the pieces of card, moving in and out of the centre,
  4. Wind the wool evening around the doughnut shape,
  5. Keep on winding the wool around the template until it is completely full. Remember, the more layers you have on the template, the woolier your Shaun the Sheep will be,
  6. Using scissors, cut around the outside edge of your doughnut. If you are struggling to work out where to cut, take a look at the activity sheets with this article, as this is illustrated clearly in the photograph,
  7. When completed, make sure you keep the cardboard in place, and then slide a piece of wool between the cardboard and tie the pompom together really tight. Again, you might need a bit of help doing this,
  8. Tie a loop to the top of the wool so you can hang it on the tree, OR hang it anywhere if you are picking the non-Christmas designs,
  9. Cut out the cardboard, and then make the pompom nice and fluffy,
  10. Cut out the legs for your character, depending on which sheep you decided to use, and stick them to some cardboard,
  11. Glue all of the parts on to your Shaun the Sheep body, and
  12. Complete your sheep, hang them on the tree, or make another one. Maybe you can try them in a different colour now?

What do you think to your Shaun the Sheep pompoms – bet they are rather cute, right?

Thanks so much for stopping by and checking this out with us.

<< Download the templates for Shaun the Sheep pompoms by clicking on the circular image below >>

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Shaun the Sheep Pompom Activity

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