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How to make a mason jar light DIY for Halloween

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This is our Time to Pee exclusive for you this week – and we know you are going to LOVE this one as we are sharing a printable that will show you how to make a mason jar light DIY for Halloween. You can use these as a fabulous craft to add to your Halloween party ideas, or just a lantern to pop in the window to make the house feel that little bit more spooky.

What you need for this diy mason jar?

This is a easy lamp craft, so you don’t need too much for it at all:

  • Mason jar
  • Thin paper,
  • Scissors to get creative with,
  • Battery operated candle.

These are also known as luminaries as well – and all the designs are based on a haunted village – with SIX to choose from.

How to make your mason jar light DIY

  1. Print these designs on thin paper, or a white paper bag. We have 6 different haunted houses for you to choose from within the printable this week,
  2. Roll and glue the sides to make a tube. Check that it is the right size for your mason jar. We have given you a PDF so you can scale up and down as required so that it fits to the jars that you have for this. The bigger the jars, the spookier the design!
  3. You may add extra paper to make your tube bigger of course, to help fit the jars if you have one of the larger ones that sit on step to add a bit of a spooky feel to front doors,
  4. You may or may not cut the orange part to create holes for the windows. We like cutting out the windows as it makes a really cool effect for the mason jar light DIY idea, but it really is up to you. It can be a bit fiddly to cut these out, so for smaller hands, you might need to help out,
  5. You may also cut the outlines and stick it on your mason jar instead of creating a tube. Do what you think is easiest, or best for your child, and finally
  6. Put battery operated candles inside. Don’t use real tealights in this as this would be far too dangerous with the paper. Make sure you stay safe this Halloween.

We KNOW you want to see what designs there are – so here you go – we’ve got six of them. Here are the first three for you:

We have coloured in the window with orange, as we have mentioned before, to give a spooky Halloween feel to the pictures. All of the images have turrets and attics galore – perfect for hanging in any Halloween scene in either an indoor or outdoor setting.

Which of these is YOUR favourite, and would look best in your home?

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R Ford-Hutchinson

Monday 11th of October 2021

Love this thanks!

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