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Free milestone pregnancy cards to print today

We have an absolute treat for you today – something to cherish during your pregnancy, and to help you make even more precious photography and fun memories of your bump. We have a complete set of free milestone pregnancy cards for you to print out today.

You can add the pregnancy cards to the other goodies that we know you are bound to be buying for baby in preparation for the big day. Get those baby monitors, muslins, toys, and other essentials for the nursery beforehand. Then, you well know your baby is well and truly ready to make an appearance; even though you might not be quite yet 😂.

These cards are free to you to complement all those essentials – no costs, just coolness and cuteness overload for you right now.

The image displays promotional material for printable pregnancy milestone cards, featuring sample cards, a knitted hat, shoes, and a pacifier on a wooden surface.

We know you like to see what’s on your printables, so we are sharing them all for you below, plus sokme tips on home to use them to get great bump shots throughout your pregnancy.

What do the milestone pregnancy cards look like

The pregnancy milestone cards from KiddyCharts are an adorable and fun way to document the incredible 40 week journey of pregnancy. The 4 page PDF we have for you contains illustrated cards for each week, with cute fruit or veggie size comparisons to show just how rapidly your baby grows week by week.

Early weeks to week 16

For the first two pages, we have a few simple cards with text on to capture the first moment, such as those first kicks, as well as the baby shower and the first time you hear the heartbeat. Then, the baby goes from the size of a poppy seed to an avocado. We have made sure that we capture the early weeks to help mark the beginning of your pregnancy chapter.

Weeks 17 to 25

Page 2 spans weeks 17 through 25, with produce like turnips, mangos, and rutabaga representing your second trimester bump. Months 4-6 are when you’ll feel those first magical kicks.

What size is your baby now?

Could they be a carrot or a banana?

Weeks 26 to 34

Page 3 shows the third trimester, weeks 26 to 34, as your bump balloons from a scallion to a large cabbage. Your belly transforms dramatically during this time!

We can remember how fast baby is growing within the third trimester – from something so small, like the scallion, to the size of a cantaloupe melon!

Weeks 35 to 40

Our final page celebrates weeks 35 to 40, ending with your small watermelon bundle of joy – well actually your pumpkin, depending on which week your baby decides to make an appearance of course.

Your final milestone moment comes later, when you are able to hold baby in your arms.

Before we carry on, we want to mention a couple of charities that help and support those that for whatever reason, experience the tragedy of not being able to hold their baby in their arms. Our hearts go out to you. Saying Goodbye, and SANDS are wonderfully supportive.

How to use pregnancy milestone cards with bump photography

Using these illustrated cards to document your growing bump adds an extra special touch. The fruit/veggie size chart creates amazing photographic keepsakes and reflections of your pregnancy journey.

Here are some of our tips for snapping wonderful pictures with these cards for your pregnancy. Don’t forget to use to get some wonderful goodies for your baby before they come too:

  • Have someone hold up each week’s card in front of your bare belly, positioned at the current baby size. Stand sideways and pop your bump out,
  • Natural lighting near windows creates beautiful backlighting and soft focus. Add sheer curtains or greenery for extra sparkle,
  • Get some amazing mother and baby goodies on Black Friday to treat yourself. Then take a photo with them, so you remember how you looked after your bump. You could do a bump naked shot with the products you used in your pregnancy skincare routine,
  • Get low angled shots from underneath your bump. This perspective is super flattering,
  • Take straight on photos too to highlight the milestone text and size comparisons,
  • Change up your outfits from tight tees to flowy dresses to show off your pregnancy curves,
  • Neutral colors allow the fruit/veggie art to pop. Don’t be afraid to bare some skin!
  • In later weeks, step back from the camera or have the photographer stand on something to fit your whole bump,
  • Turn sideways and stick your belly out to maximize those third trimester photo ops,
  • For variety, tape cards on a mirror for selfie milestones. Get creative with angles!
  • Try fun filters like black and white to add dramatic contrast,
  • Incorporate other props like your ultrasound photos, a chalkboard showing how far along, or your partner kissing your bump,
  • Take photos outdoors among lush nature backgrounds. TREE silhouette shots are so romantic,
  • Don’t forget to get that perfect profile angle highlighting your bump’s round shape,
  • Capture milestone moments like feeling first kicks, setting up the nursery, hospital bag packed, and
  • If pregnancy symptoms have you looking tired or swollen some weeks, don’t feel pressure to document those times. Focus on the magical moments when you feel your most beautiful!

Having a milestone card photo album will be such a touching keepsake. You’ll laugh looking back on the incredible growth your body accomplished. It’s amazing the human body can expand from a poppy seed to a watermelon in 40 short weeks!

When your precious baby arrives, your bump will be missed. Pregnancy is such a fleeting and beautiful chapter. Enjoy every moment and let these creative cards help you capture lasting memories. Print them out, frame your favourites, or create a pregnancy journey scrapbook.

The milestone cards are thoughtfully designed by the team at KiddyCharts to nurture your mom-to-be glow and chronicle your temporary belly tenant. These keepsakes celebrate the excitement of each new week and make an amazing pregnancy souvenir or baby shower gift.

You could also try a video – keep the same clothes, and stand in the same place – and photograph yourself side on; and watch your bump grow!

Have fun snapping cute bump shots with these charming milestone cards! Documenting your expanding waistline is an artistic way to embrace the magic of pregnancy and baby’s development. Your growing bump never looked so fruity (*see what we did there?) or so fabulous.

To download these, just click on the button and the image below and they are yours:

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Take care, and see you again soon.

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