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Free maths angles worksheets and summer courses from Atom Learning

Today we want to share with you Atom Learning and their Free Maths Angles Worksheets to aid summer catch up, and beyond. So who are Atom Learning? This is a Key Stage 2 adaptive online learning platform for kids, covering English, Maths, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning. 

Atom Learning combines teacher-made content with technology to keep kids on their individual, and fully optimised learning paths. Each child is shown questions based on their ability to keep engaged and constantly learning. The platform is designed to consolidate Key Stage 2 national curriculum (UK) and help those preparing for secondary school entrance assessments.

free maths angles worksheets

How to get your free Maths angles worksheets

This brings me onto the exclusive resources they’ve shared with us. We’ve picked out a couple of their new Maths worksheets that fit perfectly alongside the Maths summer course, but help longer term with your kids’ learning. 

free maths angles

You can print off these worksheets and use them as a consolidation tool for home learning, or use them alongside the courses.

The Atom Learning Maths summer course includes:

  • Lesson 1: Decimals,
  • Lesson 2: Geometry 1: Angles, Polygons, Quadrilaterals and 2D Shapes,
  • Lesson 3: Geometry 2: 3D Shapes, Volume,
  • Lesson 4: Geometry 3: Position and Transformations, and
  • Lesson 5: Measurement.

Maths angles worksheets

To help with lesson 2 we have some ‘Angles’ worksheets…

What do kids need to know about Angles?

It is all in the worksheet…but let’s go through some of the key points. The worksheet details what you need to know for the UK Maths national curriculum:

  • An angle is the space formed when two straight lines meet at a point,
  • Angles are measured in degrees. The symbol for degrees is a small circle °,
  • We give angles different names depending on their size: right angle, acute angle, obtuse angle and reflex angle, and
  • How to use a protractor.

After the ‘what do you need to know’ section, the worksheet moves onto worked practice questions and tips and tricks to help your children master the topic. Have a look for yourself – click on the image to download this.

Free maths angles worksheets

What do your kids need to know about position?

This worksheet on position will work perfectly alongside day 4 of the summer course. The term ‘position’ refers to where something is. When you sleep in your bed, it’s your position in your bedroom.

free maths worksheets

This worksheet details all of the key words surrounding the topic of position: axes, grids, origins, and coordinates. Within the worksheet, these will help to answer coordinate questions. There’s an annotated graph that visualises the key words, and another that takes you through how to plot coordinates. 

Once children have got to grips with the theory, they can move onto a worked example. This is a great reference tool to come back to whilst doing homework.

The worksheets are fun and engaging, but don’t just take our word for it – take a look! You just need to click the image below to download it.

Free maths angles worksheets and summer courses from Atom Learning

How to use the free Maths worksheets for angles and positions

  • Print them off and pin them on the wall to reference whilst doing homework,
  • Download them onto an iPad or tablet and work through the examples,
  • Use them alongside the free summer course (see below) to recap what you learnt, and
  • Cut out the ‘tips’, ‘remember’, and ‘watch out’ sections to remind your kids of the key points covered in the Angles and Position lessons.

We do hope that you like these free maths angles worksheets, don’t forget to keep coming back to the site for more fun activities and resources.

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