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The utterly amazing Long Creations has let me share this with you all directly, as she was struggling with all the visitors to Dropbox and beyond, and the site kept crashing! She has put together a set of amazing worksheets for the current Covid-19 situation; the Covid-19 time capsule.

Do check out the Covid 19 time capsule for adults on our site too. And remember, as a Social Enterprise, most of our revenue goes to charity, so do take a quick look at our small shop in case any other products take your fancy. Some are free, and some for just the price of a coffee, are fun for kids to do.

Click on the above image to download BUT – if you want to see what you are getting, let’s give you a few more details. It IS FREE though, thanks to Long Creations, so don’t worry about having to pay for any of this. We’ve also got another great resource for kids on coronavirus too – a completely free book for kids on coronovirus to help them understand it too.

This should keep the kids busy for a little bit of easter at least?!!? We’d love to see what they have done too – do share their work, or just a picture so we can see in our Facebook Group. We are trying to build a virtual fridge of kids colouring to brighten up our Facebook walls!

There are some simple amazing sheets in here for you all to work through. With some fabulous ideas, and concepts for the kids to think about and then reflect on at a later date.

There are 11 sheets within the workbook:

  • A moment of history – record some of the details occurring now,
  • About me page,
  • How I’m feeling,
  • Something about your community,
  • What are you doing to stay busy at home,
  • Record your handprints,
  • Special occasions while in Lockdown,
  • A letter to yourself,
  • Interview your parents, and finally
  • A letter FROM your parents.

This is a truly amazing worksheet and we cannot thank Long Creations enough for letting us share it with you all.

There are so many different ways that this will benefit your children:

  • Helping them to think and articulate how they are feeling at the moment,
  • Getting them to understand how important this is – that we really are living through history, and actually helping them to record the event,
  • Getting them to think more positively about their time indoors, and
  • Chatting to you about how you feel, as parents, as well as being about to write to each other about what it happening.

The worksheets also give children, and parents the chance to reflect on the wider community as well – and how they are being affected. In many cases, such as in #clapforcarers in the UK, there have been some wonderful and uplifting stories about how community had changed for the better.

Let’s take a sneak peak at the worksheets shall we?

A Place in History

2020 covid 19 time capsule free printable

About me

2020 Covid-19 time capsule all about me free printable

How I’m feeling

2020 Covid-19 time capsule how i'm feeling free printable

My community

2020 Covid-19 time capsule my community free printable

Safe at home

2020 Covid-19 time capsule safe at home free printable

Our handprints

2020 Covid-19 timecapsule handprints free printable

Special occasions

2020 Covid 19 free printables special occassions

Letter to myself

2020 Covid 19 time capsule letter to myself free printable

Interview your parents

Covid 19 time capsule free printable parent interview

Letter from your parents

Covid 10 time capsule free printable letter from your parents

These are just wonderful resources, and we really hope you like them as much as we do, and they keep the kids busy for a few days, or even longer.

If you need other ideas, then do check out some of the other printables we have on the site. Ideal if you are kicking your heels at home of course!

Indoor activities

Ideas for the family to do indoors - let's all keep busy!

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Cheers for coming!


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  • Will there be an adult version of this workbook? Or do you know of an adult version out there somewhere?

    • Hi there, Meredith – we are getting this on the site by the end of this week we hope. Thanks for popping by!

  • gracias por esto, tratare que podamos usarlo en la unidad de convivencia de nuestro liceo de Pica en CHile

  • Hey there,

    Thanks for creating this! It is awesome! Did the Spanish language version ever happen? If not, and I got the translations to you today, would it still be possible to make it and, if so, how fast?


    • Hi there – I didn’t make it Long Creations did – but I can pass to her to see what she can do for you? She is in Canada!

  • Hi Helen!

    This is awesome!

    Is this in Spanish so I can share with bilingual students as well?

    • Hi there,

      So glad you like it – apologies though, we don’t have it in Spanish I am afraid. I might be able to create something if you can send the translations to us?
      Kind Regards,

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