Free Back to School captions to create those special photos

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It is back to school time, and there are many first days happening - so if this is happening to your kids, why not caption your photos with our great Free printables about it!
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I don’t know about you, but already my Facebook feed is being filled with pictures of kids looking fantastic for their first days back to school; all polished and pucker – ready to take on the world!

I know some of your kids will go back this week, some next week, and some have already gone back to school. Seeing all the photos gave me a little idea – why not help your memories, and even create a lovely sequence of pictures by adding a little printable to each of the photos that your child can hold up on their first day. The printable would give the first day and the year for that child…so as I thought this, I decided to do it for you all!

Here are the printables that you can download for free today to print out, and then have as captions for your back to school photos! I hope that you like them all:

  • First day of nursery
  • First day of pre-school
  • First day of early years
  • First day of year one
  • First day of year two
  • First day of year ____
  • First day of kindergarten
  • First day of grade one
  • First day of grade two
  • First day of grade ____.

I have placed them in a single file, but you can, of course, use them as you will. All you need now are the willing back to school participants for the photos. I hoped to find a couple of hangers on for our pictures – but they refused to have their picture taken…typical, just when you need the kids to do something…..

I am hoping you have had much better success with your pictures, we would love to see them shared on our Facebook if you feel like it!

Are you kids back at school - us these fun captions for them to hold to take your pictures. Get them to be silly before they start school so they aren't in school!

As always, we have a little video of the printables so you can see them in action too – they are rather self-explanatory, so its a short one for you this week.

Have a great week, and see you for another free printable resource next week. Do subscribe to the KiddyCharts YouTube channel and the blog, so you don’t miss out won’t you?

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