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Earthmazing the coloring book: Reducing, reusing, recycling for kids and much more!

Today we are sharing another amazing coloring book from Chris Dixon, after the feeling coloring pages that we have already given you. We present the Earthmazing coloring book. A book all the environment, and our planet; helping to learn all about reducing, reusing, and recycling for kids. There are some wonderful characters within this book for the kids to color in. They will also help with the understand and connect with the idea that we live in an amazing world, and we can take responsibility for our part in keeping that world clean and safe.

Children are learning about sustainability and recycling through a free coloring book provided by Kiddy Charts.

What is Earthmazing, recycling for kids and beyond book look like?

We never like to just give you the books without sharing with you all the pages that you can download from this amazing resource.

We’ve got you covered

Our first two pages, of this 33 page extravaganza include the cover, and the intro – so we can get into the book slowly, before all the characters we have for you arrive.

I’m refusing!

Our first character is focused on refusing to use the resources, and the buy specific items to help save the planet, save money, and keep our planet plentiful and clean.

I’m reducing!

Our next wonderful, and friendly monster, is helping children to understand the importance of reducing the items that we use, from plastics to cardboard. If we don’t buy the sweets with the wrappers, people are more likely to stop making them.

I’m reusing

Our next character is a robot, which is very suitable, given he is encouraging us to reuse items we have around the house again if we can. Our robot is encouraging us to use old items, and turn them into something new and amazing.

I’m recycling!

We all love the recycle symbol, and we all LOVE him as well. He is the international language of sustainability. Chris has included the recycle symbol within the book as a fun and engaging character for the kids to color in. Why not print him out, and pop him around the house and school to remind people to put their items in the recycle bins?

I’m moving

One of the activities that adds to pollution in the world is our use of the car, but what if we just decided that we would get out more on our own steam? How about walking? How about hoping on your bike to cycle to the park? Our next character is asking our kids to get up and move to both feel book, and see animals, as well as making a difference by being more green!

I’m saving water

Who doesn’t think this little water droplet is the cutest? He is letting us know how important it is to conserve water; to save money, the environment, and also stoping our rivers from running dry.

It is even more important as the temperature hots up – why not get a water butt, and collect your own water in the garden for your hoses, or watering your plants?

I’m helping nature

Our next little friend is helping to nurture what we can see around us, so that the animals and plants that we have on the planet are preserved and thrive.

I’m saving energy

We all know that saving energy keeps our costs down, but it also helps to keep the rest of our planet safe as we save resources. Creating energy uses lots of resources around us, so it helps if we keep its use down. Why not pop on a jumper if you get cold rather than turning up the heating.

I’m saving power

This little light bulb is reminding us that even little acts, like turning off the lights, can have an important impact on our planet. We can get our energy from the sun, wind, and the sea, but let’s be mindful when we do use power, that we only use it when we need it.

I’m growing food!

Welcome our resident chef to the recycling for kids Earthmazing coloring book! Why not use fruit and vegetables from your own garden, or an allotment. Alternatively, you can go picking outside if you don’t have a garden. There are places to visit that leet you pick your own after all. Here are some UK farm ideas, and some for those in the US too! This is a more global site, so why not take a look at them all, if you cannot grow your own?

I’m feeding the animals!

Looking after our animals helps them to feel good, so why not put some food out in the garden for them. Do make sure you are feeding them the right foods though. For example, it isn’t wise to feed bread to ducklings at the pond. Take advice on what’s best to leave out for the animals before you do it. Here are some great tips from the Natural History Museum on creating a wildlife friendly garden.

I’m cleaning up

Do you find it tough to get the kids to help to tidy up? If you do, then our turtle might just be able to help you out! He’s helping to clean up the beach so that we can preserve the wildlife in the sea, but also to enable people to enjoy the beach environment without having to navigate the rubbish that gets washing up. It’d help if we didn’t put our rubbish into the sea in the first place of course…

I’m playing with planet friendly toys

Why not think about what you buy for your kids, or get them to think about what they really would like to play with? Make homemade playdough, or oobleck at home. You could even make yourself some fluffy paint too! We have loads of fun and free ideas for you to get stuck into in our crafts for kids, or printables sections.

I’m talking to my friends

Talking to our friends about how important it is to be environmentally conscious is incredibly important. So our next character is helping us to realise why it is important – let’s help the animals and planet together.

Our final three pages are focused on making sure that we all do the best we can to be Earthmazing as much as possible! Let’s get recycling for kids, and looking after the planet part of everyday for everyone!

We really hope that you love these pages as much as we do here at KiddyCharts. In order to download them, all you need to do is click on the button of the image below and they are yours:

A person is saving power by turning off the lights when they leave a room, and they are also learning about how clean power can be made from the sun, wind, and sea.

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This image is promoting sustainability and teaching kids about the importance of recycling, reusing, and reducing to help save the environment.

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