Download our bucket and spade coloring page in today's summer countdown

You cannot possibly enjoy summer (or the beach) without a bucket and spade.  I tried to find out how many buckets and spades were sold in 2014 but I guess it was so gastranomically high that there was no data available.  I would say that they are the number one piece of equipment to take on the beach with you.

What I did come across was a UK based sand sculptor (I am sure there are plenty of others around)  Take a look at the website, the creations are amazing and quite possibly took a bit more than your average bucket and spade.

The best I can ever hope for from my children is to be buried in sand on the beach … or should I say, my husband!

Anyway, enough of my rambling.  In case you haven’t figured it out yet, we have a bucket and spade colouring sheet for you to download and keep today.

Did you come across the other 2 pages yet?  We are on currently day 3 of our summer countdown and have a few more left for you yet.

Here is today’s offering:

Bucket and spade

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Come back tomorrow to find out what else we have for you.