Refuel with BP and get a free PizzaExpress meal: Includes Car iSpy printable #BPDriveInDineOut

We have TWO lovely freebies on the blog today - news of a promotion where you can get a free PizzaExpress main meal when you fill up at BP, and a fantastic free printable from us to entertain the kids in the car. We all know how challenging travelling with kids can be don't we. Promotion closes 29th June, 2015.

We have a double whammy for you on the blog today, a wonderful free printable sponsored by BP, as well as news of a great offer for you all that means that you can get your hands on FREE PIZZA.

Yeah I know, we are lovely to you lot aren’t we. ;-)

How to claim your FREE PizzaExpress main meal with BP fuel

It is simple really, all you need to do for a free PizzaExpress main meal is:

  • Fill your car with 35 litres of fuel or more from BP petrol stations between June 2nd to June 29th
  • Collect your voucher from them
  • Get another two vouchers, so you have three in your dainty little hands
  • With your three vouchers, you qualify for a free main meal at PizzaExpress. You can redeem your vouchers from 2nd June to 9th August, all day from Sunday to Friday. You do have a choice of meal as well, from the  Classic or Leggera Pizza, to the company’s Pasta dishes or Main salad
  • To validate your vouchers, you will need to visit and get your meal code for PizzaExpress. Full T&Cs are here as well.

If this isn’t enough for you, then we have something to keep the kids entertained on those journeys that will help you to build up those miles and litres for the vouchers!

We often find that longer car journeys can become a little bit fractious, so we have invented games to keep the kids entertained. We thought we would share one of them with you on the blog today alongside this offer from BP and PizzaExpress.

Free Car iSpy Printable Game

The idea of the game is:

1. Print out all the below sheets for every player.

2. There are three sheets, with items on the first sheet representing one point, the second two and the final one three points.

3. Look out for all the items on your journey and tick them off as you go along. Make sure you don’t give away your “iSpys” if you are playing with others. If you are playing on your own, tell anyone you like!

4. Once you have reached your destination, add up all your “iSpys” and see who has won. If you are flying solo, then see if you beat your record :-D

It really is as simply as all that. We have blank sheets for you to create your own ideas as well. Don’t forget to give them a points score before you set out too.

We hope you enjoy the free printable, and just as importantly, the free pizza from BP and PizzaExpress!

In order to make travel a little more bearable with kids, we have invented an iSpy car game to play with kids on journeys, and the best thing about it is that you can keep playing it AND play it with one too!

This is a sponsored post. We created the game on KiddyCharts, and do really love playing iSpy though. We also rather like pizza too, but don’t tell anyone *please*.


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