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4 Fun Ways To Teach Patterns To Kids + Free Printable! #31daysofactivities

In today’s post we bring a free printable brought to you by Tan from Kids on Roll. This free printable is a great activity that brings you 4 fun ways to teach patterns to kids. Take a look and join us for the rest of our #31daysofactivities.

Learning patterns is one of the first things you need to teach your kid before he/she goes to school. Do you know why? Doing pattern worksheets seems pretty simple for adults. But, our kids need time to get used to identifying patterns.

This early math skill inculcates problem-solving in our kids which is crucial for their cognitive development. It also helps them identify rhythm in life. As they learn to recognise patterns, they also begin to choose predictability and knowledge over chaos. Also, spending some time with your child while you teach patterns is an excellent way to reassure them of their value and worth.

Always remember that a healthy kid grows up to be a healthy adult. Congratulate your kid every time he gets an answer right. Patterns help children learn about life. Let’s now get to how to teach patterns to your kids.

How to teach patterns to your kids?

Here are four easy and fun ways to teach patterns to your preschool kids.

Play with them

Let’s be honest. Every kid loves blocks. Our kids learn the true meaning of joy and adventure while they play with their toys. Playing with blocks or a similar game is an excellent way to help your child recognise colour patterns and sequencing.

Dance with them

You don’t need to be a choreographer to dance with your own kid. Dancing is an excellent way to teach them patterns. Begin with simple “clap-clap-turn”. When they begin feeling comfortable with this rhythm, make things a bit more complicated for them and add a new element to this rhyme. How about “clap-clap-jump-turn”?

Again, give your kid some time to recognise this pattern. It’s okay if they make mistakes. Give them some time to recognize the new pattern.

Make jewellery

Simply pick a string and multicolour beads. Ask your kid to add the beads to the string in a specific colour pattern. Ask them to go with their instinct and maybe make a pattern of their own. Believe me, this is by far the most fun way to teach patterns to your kid. It will help them channel their creativity and develop love and respect for all art forms.

Complete a pattern worksheet

A pattern worksheet is by far the easiest way for you to teach your kid patterns. There’s literally nothing you need to worry about. Simply print out our free worksheets and ask your kid to complete the patterns in the sheets. This is a hassle-free method. You can make it even more fun by asking them to complete patterns with their favourite characters on them.

We have this free pattern worksheet for you to download and enjoy with your kids. Take a look at the beautiful worksheet and click on the button below the images to download your own.

Bottom line

If you want to teach your kid patterns, or literally anything else, you have to make it fun for them. The more time you spend with your kid, the easier it will become for them to learn patterns.

It will also give you some bonding time as you celebrate with them when they finish a pattern worksheet correctly or laugh with them when they make a mistake.

Mastering patterns prepares your kids for learning basic addition, subtraction and multiplication that they will soon be introduced to in their school. All you really need to do is spend some time with your little one as I’m sure they will learn patterns sooner than you think.

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