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Parenting Tales from the Sofa #2: Dummy fairy and other tales…

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Baby dummiesLast week, we chatted to some lovely mums about getting rid of the dummy, and how difficult and stressful that can be, we perhaps all need to have alternatives to the dummy fairy. This was another hangout in our Parenting Whine and Sympathy Series of hangout chatting to real mums about how they have tackled some real like kiddy issues.

This week, we have taken some of the questions they asked, and give them to Parenting Coach, Beckie Whitehouse from Be Confident Parent Coaching.

We asked her what the top three tips were for getting rid of the dummy, and then got her to share experiences and answer the questions the mums from last week had:

  • Tips for boys, when the dummy fairy perhaps isn’t quite what he is motivated by
  • Alternatives to dummies
  • Starting the weaning process.

The most important this though, is not to get too stressed out by the whole process. Start it early an take your time, and that way both you and your little one will be as happy as you can be.

Finally, don’t start because you feel pressured to do so, start because its the right time for you an your child. The dummy fairy only comes when you are ready!
So why not check it out! And if you do need a little bit of help – we do have a giving up the dummy star chart to help your little one on the way. Just build one of our charts in the normal way, and choose the “giving up the dummy” behaviour.


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Thursday 16th of May 2013

I don't have any helpful advice unfortunately but any mums going through this stage have my sympathy.

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