My blog just totally disappeared!

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Last week, I had a horrible friday night experience.

And I don’t mean the kind that involve alcohol, high-heels, and Saturday mornings that are best forgotten.

I mean the first of many where my legendary IT prowess and blogging are concerned.

Heart in mouth stuff

I uploaded what I thought would be a whizzy new plug-in.  Activated it. And bang. No blog.

Never happened to me before and guess what, no idea what to do except panic slightly.

I then realised I have committed to paying for any dotty IT activities I carried out on my blog that resulted in “errors” on the servers.

Cue more panic, and the horrendous realisation that my “playing” could cause significant problems in the cashflow department.

So what did I do – continued to panic on social media – well coz, frankly, I’m that kind of a girl.

Social media to the rescue

And once again – social media proved its worth.

This time, in the form of the lovely Mummy Blogger; who spotted my online cries and dutifully rode in on her white charger with a very sensible solution.

I found the fabulous free software that is FTPLive.  Located the miscreant plug-in, hit the delete button and all is now well with the blog. And I didn’t need that drink after all – though I can’t remember if I had one anyway…

Will that teach me not to meddle with things I know very little about?

Highly unlikely I suspect….

Have any of your IT disasters caused you to locate some fantastic new tools?  If so, do share below.

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