Motivating yourself: Jumping headlong into the unknown

Last week, the wonderful Sally Petitt at The Mother Factor started a discussion on her facebook pages about what motivates people.

Passion to succeed

I have always been motivated by passion; whether its for my work, for my family, or for what I believe in.  Rightly or wrongly; it’s been the main driving force in my life. It’s what drove me to start my business.

I wanted to give others access to tools (like our reward charts and care charts) that I truly believed can help improve children’s understanding of the world around them. As a result, I am very passionate about my business and its products.

In the last 6 months, I have battled against many obstacles in pursuit of launching this business. I am sure there will be more roadblocks to come.

All guns blazing

However, the most recent roadblock I met was me….

I was struggling to motivate myself. Everything was just taking so long to get finished. And it felt like it was all out of my control. I wasn’t really sure what was gonna happen next, and it had started to worry me that all this stuff I was doing was, bravado aside, all very new to me.

The Mother Factor discussion focused on looking for something that reminds you visually of your key motivation.

It was hard to find something that typified my passion, and my willingness to take a chance; all guns blazing.

I think I managed it, though.

Who cares – lets just GO FOR IT!

And do you know what…it even got me to write that to do list, though the list does seem to be rather never-ending!

What motivates you? Do you have something to remind you of that motivation that you can draw on in difficult times? Perhaps it’s worth trying this out?

(Photo is my own; anyone wishes to use please contact me)

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