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Dads in pregnancy: 10 Ways to involve your partner

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting experiences in any person’s life, although some men feel a little left out during this period. The thing is, pregnant women become the center of attention, as they typically do most of the work in terms of growing and birthing babies. In turn, the fathers’ role is often underrated during the period of pregnancy. That’s why we are giving a shoutout today to help involve dads in pregnancy as much as possible.

Male involvement is extremely important to the family, both in terms of maternal wellbeing and romance for the couple. To ensure the pregnancy goes smoothly, stick to the pregnancy tips for dads and partners listed below.

We are an inclusive site, so this advice works equally well for same sex couples, so bear with us in terms of this article title. It is to encourage better search management for the site and not a lack of diversity in our content. Feel free to pin the alternative image below. 

1. Make sure the pregnancy announcement is about both of you

Do not forget that a man planning to be a father should have the same right to participate in the pregnancy process as you. Include your partner in the excitement when you announce the big news to family and friends, and also when you are testing for the pregnancy if you feel comfortable doing so. Finding out you are pregnant is a journey that it is important that you take together as much as you can. When you announce your pregnancy to others, whether it is a personal meeting or social media post, your partner will love to be able to deliver such exciting news to others in his own way too.

2. Attend your antenatal/midwife/OB appointments together

Even though this tip might seem like the most obvious one, some couples still ignore it. You can make your partner feel included by sharing information on the development of your pregnancy week by week. Being aware of the baby’s health condition is as essential for dads as for moms. 

Do not miss the chance to attend doctor’s visits with your partner to hear the baby’s heartbeat and see the sonogram. Expectant fathers should know that pregnancy may cause a variety of complications for the health of both mom and future baby. That is why regular medical check-ups should also become a part of their lives.

3. Plan a gender reveal party

One of the main tips for expectant dads during pregnancy is to enjoy this period to the fullest. For instance, future parents can throw a gender reveal party where guests discover the baby’s gender for the first time. You can do it by asking someone to fill a black balloon with either pink or blue confetti or ordering a cake with pink or blue filling. 

To make your partner feel special during this celebration, you can buy some soon-to-be-dad gifts for him. Think about a personalized baby scan mug or a matching outfit for father and baby.

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4. Take birthing and parenting classes together

Pregnancy is not only about celebrations. There are some things expecting dads should know to prepare for the baby’s arrival. 

Future fathers should be fully aware of safe birth choices, healthy pregnancy, and expectations with a newborn family member. Attending birthing and parenting classes is the best way to obtain this information from highly professional educators and health care professionals.

5. Encourage your partner to decorate the nursery

Another piece of advice for expectant fathers is to decorate the nursery together with their wives. This activity can help spouses get used to the thought of being parents soon. Express your fantasy by painting and building furniture together. By following a creative and functional plan for your baby’s nursery, you can get prepared for meeting a new family member together.

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6. Exercise in one team

Among the most important things partners should know about pregnancy is that future moms should maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is recommended to develop a moderate exercise regimen that can include swimming, yoga, or golf for future spouses. 

On the one hand, sports help women stay in the best possible health condition. On the other hand, men typically feel a high level of engagement in pregnancy doing sports with a future mother.

7. Brainstorm baby names 

For fathers, expecting a baby is no less exciting than for moms. Offer your partner the opportunity to suggest some names so that you can create a running list of your mutual favorites. Make this activity fun and entertaining for both parties, and do not forget that the selected name will play a vital role in the life of your baby.

8. Read pregnancy books together

Most men are probably looking for a comprehensive men’s guide to pregnancy that provides information on what to expect during this period week by week. Find a book that can help future dads understand difficulties during the first trimester and what to expect ahead. It’s also vital to gather information about potential complications after the third month of pregnancy. 

Make sure to contact your health provider to get information on the best books where the first trimester is explained in detail for expectant dads. After reading it with your partner, you can ask for additional books based mainly on the second and third trimesters. 

9. Spend time together as a couple

Having a baby dad guide is not enough to make well-informed decisions regarding the birth of a new family member. Both partners should communicate and invest in their relationships. Going on dates during pregnancy is recommended, as it will be more difficult after giving birth. If you have resources for a trip, go on vacation to relax and discuss your future life as a family. Couples that are actively trying to keep their relationship alive right from the get go will stand a much better chance of insuring that relationship breakdown, children and divorce don’t become bedfellows.

10. Keep a journal for your Baby

When the wife is pregnant, there are many things the partner should know to make this period more pleasant and interesting for both parties. For example, do not forget to keep a record of your pregnancy together, so you can later share it with your child and other family members. 

Tell them about how you spent time together, what you planned and how your days went. You can do it either in a format of a blog or a handwritten notebook, although Internet platforms offer more interactive options for videos and photos. Don’t forget to check out all our printables and articles for new parents too.


Partners need to know a lot of information about pregnancy, as it is one of the most crucial periods of life. To encourage them to be involved in this process, you can use the various options outlined above. We hope this article with essential pregnancy facts for dads and moms will make your pregnancy period less complicated. 

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