Cambridge Business Mums Club Award Nominee Badge

Cambridge Business Mums Conference Nomination Badge

Business Wallflowers

Am I a self-effacing wallflower?

Self-effacing – what on earth?!?  I know, if anyone reading this actually knows me, they won’t believe I am saying those words about myself. But I am.

Last week I was honoured that KiddyCharts Printable Reward Charts was nominated for the Cambridge Business Mums Conference Best Start Up Award.  Someone else (bless them) did the nominating, and I am glad they did.

I didn’t make the short-list, but was very proud to have got where I did.

However, the process got me thinking about how I view myself. Particularly after the group’s networking blog, posted on the topic: Where’s the Confidence?.

Are we all just that little bit too hard on ourselves and our accomplishments.  Wallflowers that refuse to speak out about just how much we have actually managed to achieve.

Go nominate yourself

You see, I had refused to nominate myself; my website wasn’t launched so that meant I hadn’t actually managed to get anything done.

Thinking about it after the nomination, I realised that was utter rubbish.

I’ve been around for six months, and done a hell of a lot.

I’ve got the business this far with just my slightly frenetic business brain, my wonderful networking friends, my kids and my iPad. So here I am, displaying my badge with pride.

So perhaps next year, I won’t be so hard on myself and might actually have the *insert slightly rude word here* to nominate myself. And I hope that others like me will do the same.

Good luck to those left standing – I’m cheering you all on.