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5 Reasons why your child shouldn’t quit their musical instrument

Does your child play a musical instrument – is it hard to get them to keep playing it sometimes? Does practising seem such a battle all the time? We have had many a set too about our kids playing – so we have asked a fabulous guest blogger, Nathan Holder, author of the book I Wish I Didn’t Quit: Music Lessons (UK affiliate link) to give us a little insight into his thinking within the book, Why not pop along and see the whole book as well; it is only £9.99, which given some instruments are over £300 seems like a pretty good investment to stem the frustration, and inspire your kids to keep going!

5 Reasons why your child shouldn’t quit their musical instrument


They might not like practising and going to lessons, but in a few years time they’ll probably regret the decision to quit. Help to remind them that the work they put in now, will benefit them greatly in the future.

Meet amazing people

Playing an instrument gives children the chance to get to know others that they may not ordinarily interact with. If they go on to form bands and gig, they will meet people and maybe gain lifelong friends. Music can connect people in spite of language barriers, culture or age.

Career opportunities

Playing an instrument can open many doors later in life. Jaimie Foxx started learning the piano when he was growing up. Partly because of this skill, he won an Oscar by portraying Ray Charles in the 2004 biopic Ray. Music teachers, instrument repairers, producers, critics and music therapists can often be more effective and more employable if they are able to play an instrument.


Albert Einstein is arguably one of the most intelligent people of all time. He used the violin as a way to relax and get his mind off of the complex equations and theories he is known for. Being able to play an instrument without any pressure can help you to relax in stressful situations.


You don’t need to be playing for Beyoncé to see the world! There are many artists and bands who have travelled all over their homelands and countries such as India, Dubai or Brazil because they play an instrument well.

5 Reasons why your child shouldn’t quit their musical instrument

Nathan Holder is a musician and writer based in London. He received his masters in Music Performance from Kingston University in 2017 winning the MMus Prize for Outstanding Achievement and tours around Europe playing at various events and functions.

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