Parenting Pin it Party #78

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We are back with another collection of wondeerful parenting posts for you to take a look at - come join us mom bloggers of the world!
Hello again – its MONDAY! Seems to come round so dam fast these days ;-)

That means we are back with another party on the blog, and this time it is hosted by Romanian Mum, which does mean its me next week – so share your best so that I have a lot of lovely posts to choose my favs from next Monday.

In case this is your fist time here, how about the rules for our little party, eh?

  • Flick through your blog, and pick out a post that you want to share with us all. It can be on anything parenting related, from adivce to activities and crafts. You name it, we want to see it. Nothing promotional though, please.
  • Add your link to the party either through this page, or on the hosts. We have a clever widget to help you with this, but if you are struggling, then do drop us a line, or tweet me
  • Have a look at the other links that have been added to the linky. Comment, share them, leave your Pinterest ID so people can follow you, and generally give everyone a bit of a gentle hug
  • Make sure you are following the Parenting Pin it Party Board (below), and if not, why not?!!? ;-)
  • Keep coming back to see what else has been added to the linky; you never know you might get some great ideas and advice to keep those kids entertained throughout the week
  • Last, bot not least, add the badge to the post you popped into the linky. Makes the host feel loved I promise, and gives us more impetus to tweet, pin and generally be gorgeous throughout the week.

To help you out, here is the badge for Romanian Mum:

Romanian Mum
<div align="center"><a href="" title="Romanian Mum" ><img src=" wp-content/uploads/2013/05/Parenting-Pin-It-Party-Badge.jpg" alt="Romanian Mum" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

If you haven’t seen our board for a while, then check it out – it’s looking stunning in a little black number – doesn’t it hold itself well?
Follow jbmumofone’s board Mondays Parenting Pin-It Party! on Pinterest.

If you would like to know about these linkies each week, then:


So here you go, pass the nibbles, love…

Sharing is caring!

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