Parenting Pin It Party #123

Join in with this week's parenting pin it party, ably hosted by moi!

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Join in with this week's parenting pin it party, ably hosted by moi!

It’s been somewhat of a sporting weekend hasn’t it?  Are you hooked(!) by the Rugby World Cup yet?  We were rather delighted to see England play their opening match whilst shocked that South Africa were beaten by Japan in the last minutes … wonder how the tournament will pan out. If you want to join in the fun – why not take a look at our Rugby World Cup predictor printable…its free as always!

That is not the only sporting thing to happen this weekend.  My DH took part in the London Duathlon on Sunday and chopped off a massive 13 MINUTES of last year’s time!!  We are all rather super proud of him, as you can imagine.

Whilst he is calming down from his achievement I have a few spare minutes to show you my pick of the favourites from last week’s offering of the Pin It Party, which ultimately is what you are all here for really, eh? ;-)

Husband could have done with both a Cookie and a Map to help him – and this would therefore have been perfect from Royal Little Lambs; Cookie Maps!

Additionally, we loved this idea for some Halloween Cardboard Crafts as well from Non Toy Gifts.

If you have been featured, you can grab our badge for this if you would like….


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Our party is very popular so, if you are new to the blogging world and would like a few more views or, you have been here a while but need a reminder of what to, here is how it goes:

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Here is the badge for me:

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In case you don’t know the parenting pin it party board, here you go:

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Monday 21st Sept

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