Monday’s Parenting Pin it Party #5: with The Romanian Mum

Parenting Pin it Party

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This week sees lots of exciting in the blogging world, not least because its Britmums on Friday and Saturday. For which I am a mix of excited and rather scared, as I am helping – so do come and say hello to me if you fancy it. I will warn you, that I don’t bite, but I might just hug…. ;-)

Not only is it Britmums though, its also time for the Parenting Pin it Party again, this time over on Otilia, the Romanian Mum’s blog.

The rules, as always are rather simple:

1. Choose a parenting posts, either something you have just written or one you would like show us all from your dim and distant, but talented past.

2. The host, for this week Otilia, will pin each post to the rather fantabulous Monday Parenting Pin-It Party board

3. Go spread some Pinterest love to two fellow party goers. Pin the posts they shared to your Pinterest account, and give them a wee bit of comment shizzle and tell them that you came from the Pin-It Party linky. Don’t forget to leave your Pinterest ID in your comment so we can follow you, and so can others.

4. For the lovely people that comment on your Pinterest Parenting Party post, visit them on Pinterest and follow at least one of their boards, or even them if you like what you see.

Be grateful if you can pop the badge on your posts as well, we will, of course, share the love on our social media channels if we can to return the favour.

Romanian Mum
<div align="center"><a href="" title="Romanian Mum" ><img src="" alt="Romanian Mum" style="border:none;" /></a></div>


If you fancy looking through some of the other wonderful posts that have already been featured in previous weeks, do check them out in our Parenting Pin It Party Category on this blog.

And its my turn next week, so come back next Monday to see my turn to host where I pick my two favourites from this weeks offerings. And subscribe below the linky so you don’t miss out too!

Sharing is caring!

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