Monday’s Parenting Pin it Party #16

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Hello lovely people – its back with me – the lovely Parenting Pin it Party. Thanks to Romanian Mum for hosting it.

So first things are first – here we have the two featured posts from last week:

Twenty quick tips to keeping laundry costs down

Baby Budgeting is one of my favourite blogs, mainly because a) she is lovely b) she has great style, but sticks to a budget c) she’s a lot more organised then I am. I love this post about keeping your laundry costs down, ther are some excellent tips; not least remembering not to take the kids blackberry picking in a while top!

Top ten educational websites for kids

If you follow my blog, you will know I love a list! And this is an excellent resource…we all need to be kidded from time to time that popping the kids in front of the PC is for educational reasons and not just so we can get a cup of tea!

Being confident of this has given us ten good reasons – thanks my dear :-D

If you were featured this week, you can grab the featured badge if you would like.

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Right on with this week’s Linky – the rules are the same as they always are….

1. Take some time to look at your blog, and pop on one of your favourite Parnenting posts, old or new. I’ll be lovely, and pin in to the Parenting Pin it Party board for you.


2. All you then need to do is follow the board – and here it is for you! It would also be great if you followed the hosts’ Pinterest accounts too:
Helen (Kiddycharts)

3. Pop on over to two other entries at least and pin them too. Let them know you have been and hopefully they will return and pin your posts too.

If we do this, then we all should get some nice new followers, as well as discovering some epic activities, advice, and new pins.

It would also be fantastic it people could pop the badge on the post they linked – here is the badge for this week’s host.

Kiddycharts Blog
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If you would like a wee reminder when the Parenting Pin it Party is out, then subscribe to our alert for this by filling out the below form:


Here are this week’s party people….

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