Monday Parenting Pin it Party #42

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Yo yo everyone *down with the kids innit*

It is Monday.


As always I want you to go PINTEREST CRAZY for the lovely Romanian mum on the blog today, as she is hosting the rather wonderful Parenting Pin it Party.

Skidaddle over there to check out what you need to do, but in a nutshell, as always, you must

  • Grab a fabarooney parenting post from your blog that you just wrote, or you would like to give some long overdue love to. Anything goes, from craft to advice, even a lovely photo, as long as it isn’t business promotion
  • Put the link in our blog hop below
  • Say hi to some of the other participants, pin them on your boards, tell them you love them, but do’t go too far if it is only your first date with them. Remember to leave them your phone number, well Pinterest ID anyway, on your blog, so they know where to come and say Hi
  • Just explore and spread the joy
  • Follow our Parenting Pin it Party Pinterest board so you can see who is coming to join in the fun
  • Pop the host badge on your lovely blog.

Below is the badge for this week for you:

Romanian Mum
<div align="center"><a href="" title="Romanian Mum" ><img src="" alt="Romanian Mum" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

Here is the board in case you can’t remember what it looks like:

Follow jbmumofone’s board Mondays Parenting Pin-It Party! on Pinterest.

If yo


Here is the blog hop then – so go, go, go!

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