Monday Parenting Pin it Party #35

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We are back again. I hope that everyone’s first school week of the year went OK?

We have a ball – as always :-D

Now we are back to partying with everything in a Pinterest kind of a way. This week, it is Romanian Mum’s turn to grab the hostess trolley and scuttle round hanging out the pretty canapés to everyone. So quickly nip on over the join the fun and see what she has on offer.

If you haven;’t taken part before, this is also where you can get a bit of information of the rules of the linky too. But it isn’t too complicated; find a post, link it up, spread the love and comment on the other posts, grab the badge and leave your Pinterest ID on the other blogs :-D

The badge for this week is below; be lovely if you can pop it on the post you link up.

Romanian Mum
<div align="center"><a href="" title="Romanian Mum" ><img src="" alt="Romanian Mum" style="border:none;" /></a></div>


If you want to fin out about this linky with am email, then you can sign up for our list as well. Just put in your email address into the links below and away you go…

That’s it – so grab a glass of champers and come and join in the fun!

Sharing is caring!

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