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Parenting Tips

How not to do the school run in five easy steps

It didn’t start well – at all. There were tears and tantrums from Stuntboy as something didn’t quite do what it was supposed to. But it got even more pants from then. So here, in five easy steps is what not to do on the school run before an important meeting that you can’t be […]

by February 1, 2012
Parenting Tips

Mix Tape Monday #12: Dazed and Confused

I spent most of the week feeling a bit like things were happening around me that we a tad out of my control; perhaps like a lot of working mums out there. I was trying to keep them all under control, honest. But my business, part-time work, kids and everything else, all seemed to be […]

by January 30, 2012
Parenting Tips

#SunFun: Mummy – Its Not Mr Tickle, its You!

I am just going to let the title of the post and the picture speak for themselves.  Thanks to Mammasaurus and Actually Mummy for this fabulous new meme which is injecting a bit of Sunday Funny into our lives. This week, I was mainly laughing and feeling proud all at the same time; my son […]

by January 29, 2012
Parenting Tips

What do your kids do that scares you?

Inspirational kids My children are an inspiration. Not least our little stuntboy; the youngest and most troublesome member of the KiddyCharts clan. Along with all the family, he helps with designing our reward charts – but like a built in research department; it works for him it’ll work for a good few kids… Alongside this, […]

by Adelien Tan • January 27, 2012
Parenting Tips

Business women starting out: Find that faith in yourself!

Business Wallflowers Am I a self-effacing wallflower? Self-effacing – what on earth?!?  I know, if anyone reading this actually knows me, they won’t believe I am saying those words about myself. But I am. Last week I was honoured that KiddyCharts Printable Reward Charts was nominated for the Cambridge Business Mums Conference Best Start Up […]

by January 25, 2012
This is one of the Reward Charts you can create on KiddyCharts to help with learning and private tuition. This is a Fairy one! #kids #learning #rewardcharts

Printable reward charts online: Countdown to lift off

Countdown to KiddyCharts Well hello to everyone. I have finally made it. KiddyCharts feels like an awful long time in the making, it’s been years in my head at least. Fed up of not finding the lovely printable reward charts, or potty training charts that I was sure would work for us on the web, […]

by January 20, 2012