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Moshi Monsters Moshlings Series 8 countdown day 3 : Clapping for Jackson

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Yesterday we got to meet the delightful Blossom, today with have another moshling for you to discover – raise a HUGE round of applause for Jackson, the Dapper Clapper…

Moshi Monsters Series 8 Moshlings: Jackson

Jackson moshlings can often be seen hanging about with Marty whom we introduced to you on Wednesday at the start of the moshling countdown. He’s a clapperboard, from the movie sets, but mind those little fingers of yours…you wouldn’t want them to get caught in his clapper now, would you?

They only spring into life at the mention of the words “CUT” and “ACTION” which is why they love Marty an his crew so much.

Personality: Thee guys, once they are able to clap, are rather jovial and keen little things – and extremely jovial.

Likes: Black and white movies and subtitles

Dislikes: Z-list celebrities and trapped fingers.

Chatterbox is a bit of a fan too…

So do like Chatterbox does, and make sure you don’t trap those wee fingers in Jackson….

What do you think of Jackson the moshling? Do let us know below – we think he is rather cool…there are a lot of Moshi TV new friends in this series aren’t there, I wonder if there are any more? If you want to be kept up to date, then do follow the blog, or follow us on twitter too.

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