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Health and wellbeing: 15 Non fiction books to promote it in your kids

Reading is a wonderful activity to promote positive mental health – just checking out #BeWellRead to hear all about it and a few activities too. Fiction books are great, but so are non-fiction ones too for creating health and wellbeing in our kids. They can help to both find those calm spaces in the head, or to promote calm through activities. With this in mind, we’ve put together some of our favourite non fiction books, in partnership with Leanne Brown, that promote kids wellbeing. Check them out; we think you will love them.

This article is available as a checklist for you to download too if you want – click on the circular image at the end of the article to get it. This is what it looks like – colourful and cool as always. Do take a look at all the authors that are supporting the campaign too.

The checklist includes a star rating for the books for your kids too. Books are those for you as parents to help with wellbeing, alongside books that will give your kids a headstart with health and wellbeing covering mindfulness and helping them (and us) understand emotions.

Why not find some books for reading logs using the list?

Health and wellbeing non fiction books for kids

1. Easy Paper Projects by Maggy Woodley

Red Ted Art is a hugely popular website for kids from toddler to teens, and this book is from the creator and editor, Maggy Woodley. 60 faulous easy paper craft projects for your kids (!) and you to get stuck into. Helping to create calm, and distractions from those screens and tantrums!

2. Create your Own Calm by Becky Goddard-Hill

Written by the editor for Baby Budgeting and Emotionally Healthy Kids, Becky Goodard-Hill, this book empowers your children to understand and create their own calm. Helping them to understand their emotions, and using activities to both illustrate and advise, this is the perfect hands on activity book to encourage positive wellbeing.

3. Simple activities for toddlers – Lisa Forsythe

Practical, everyday activities that can be done with your toddlers, and adults can enjoy too. Resourceful, fun and engaging. A great buy with lots of great ideas.

2. Your Happy Child by Usha Chudasama

An amazing book to encourage your child to feel happy, calm and recognised; all wonderful for health and wellbeing. A resourceful book to develop, nurture and motivate your child.

3. Parenting Handbook by Sarah Mundy

A book that is designed to help parents understand all aspects of their child’s development. From feeding to bedtime routine and toilet training. This friendly, well-thought out and practical guide is a must for every parent’s bookshelf.

4. If You Can’t Say it, Sing it by Sophie Garner

An amazing journal that is filled with amazing activities for children. It really is a book about confidence, self-esteem, and self-love.

5. The Creative Songwriting Journal by Sophie Garner

This journal is one for every child. The encouragement through the arts is unique, different, and engaging. This journal explores finding your inner voice with some delightful activities.

6. You can Change the World by Margaret Rooke

A story that encourages change, being different and how we can live in today’s society. The exploration of over 50 stories of how teenagers change the world is inspiring.

7. The Can-do Kid’s Journal by Sue Atkins

A great journal to help, guide and assist children. With some fantastic activities that will help children feel calm, happy and understand their feelings.

8. The Divorce Journal for Kids by Sue Atkins

An amazing journal, filled with lots of delightful activities for children who are dealing with divorce. This journal will help children to understand their feelings and emotions. A great resource.

9. Meditation for Children by Shelley Wilson

A story for all ages to help you feel, calm and mindful. Taken on a wonderful journey of great meditation and how to use these skills to keep calm.

10. Help! My Toddler is not Eating by Dr Elizabeth Roberts

Trying to get your child to eat can be a struggle all parents dread. This wonderful resource will help guide you through the process in an educated, resourceful way. A great book to help assist children and parents alike.

12. Day by Day: Emotional Wellbeing in Parents of Disabled Children by Joanna Griffin

This fantastic book looks at the emotional wellbeing of the parents of disabled children. A wonderful resource and something that is not always evident on the market.

13. Left to their own devices by Katherine Hill

A great book for all parents to keep yourself one foot in front of the digital age. A resource to help with all the digital know how, how to deal with your child and their devices and how to keep yourself up to date with the ever changing world of technologies.

14. A Mind of their Own by Katherine Hill

An amazing book that looks at how we can assist our children in a world that is currently unprecedented. A resource to help with their self-esteem, confidence and to share the pressure of the world today.

15. Parenting the Conundrum Child by Aniesa Blore

A resource that explores independence for your child. A wonderful book about how to develop the skills in a child with additional needs in how to deal with certain life situations. Using the CAN approach, this book is a must read.

Some of these are perfect for you to read to support your child, and others work brilliantly to give to your kids as journals and activity books.

How to download your health and wellbeing book list

If you want this as a checklist – click the circular image below, and it is YOURS!

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