What Im doing now: Kids growing up

The one with the trampoline #SatCap

Hi all, sorry this is a little later – last day of term and everything…caption this baby! Have fun today, we are going to be enjoying that sunshine with the kids on the first day of the holidays, hopefully doing stuff a little bit like this… Join us next week with Mummy Barrow. <div align=”center”><a href=”” […]

by Helen • July 19, 2014

Saturday is Caption Day: Tiaras and footballers #Britmumslive #SatCap

Happy Saturday everyone! This week I tried desperately to get a photo that was relevant to Britmums Live, as I am sure there are a fair few of you that will be there. However, the only idea I could come up with was me in a Tiara – and no-one wants to see that now, […]

by Helen • June 21, 2014

#SatCap: The one with the footy mad boy and the World Cup predictor

This week we have mostly been getting very excited about the World Cup. I know a lot of families will have ignored the green and gold frenzy sweeping the country. With two football mad parents, our two didn’t stand a chance though. We did our World Cup Predictior spreadsheet thingy (end of this post) and they […]

by Helen • June 14, 2014

Saturday is Caption Day: The one with the Tin Man #SatCap

It is my turn to host SatCap this week, after Keynko did such a great job last week. Next week is Mummy Barrow’s turn so don’t forget to nip over in a week’s time for the next installment. Here we are – caption this baby if you can – from our trip to Trafalgar Square […]

by Helen • May 24, 2014

Saturday is Caption Day: The one with the cheer #SatCap

My daughter loves pulling faces, as we showed last time I did SatCap. In fact, she has been doing so since she was very, very small…believe it or not, this is one from when she was a day old…love it, caption it! And now she is nine this year; but we still have that monkey…

by Helen • May 17, 2014

Saturday is Caption Day: The one with the face #SatCap

Last week was my turn to host, and this week, we are over at Mummy Barrow; so check out the other entries, and then caption this baby for me! A slightly manic face for a slight manic week :-D

by Helen • May 3, 2014

Saturday is Caption Day: Over to me and my son’s new skirt… #SatCap

Happy Saturday – you’all. You probably know by now that #SatCap has a new home, no longer with the wonderful Mammasaurus as she has rather a lot to manage, but it is with myself, Mummy Barrow, Keynko, and Ramblings of a Former Rock n’ Roll Mum. This week is my turn to host, with Mummy […]

by Helen • April 26, 2014
Folded up - and asleep!

Saturday is Caption Day: Sleepy time for Chatterbox…

This week we are over on the lovely Keynko for #SatCap, so nip on over and check out the other entries! My entry is a lovely one from the family archives. This photo was taken after the first time my daughter had a swimming lesson – do you think that she was tired? What would […]

by Helen • April 19, 2014

Saturday is Caption Day: Rambling over to us #SatCap

Mammasaurus has decided to pass on her wonderful Saturday is Caption Day linky to others having given it a wonderful start off every week for simply an absolutely age…! Myself, Ramblings of a Former Rock n’ Roll Mum, Keynko, and Mummy Barrow will be sharing the honours for the foreseeable future, so keep checking the […]

by Helen • April 12, 2014